Just how do I switch off the shutter audio for the Android camera?

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How do I disable the 'click' sound on the camera app?

If the phone isn't in quiet setting, taking an image making use of the supply camera application constantly plays a "shutter" audio. Exists a means to transform the speak up?

I'm making use of supply Android 2.2 on a Nexus One.

2019-05-04 02:42:27
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The camera choice or system choice should have this setup, may be you can search for?

2019-05-07 21:24:31

I'm on android 2.1 and also get on a Samsung so this might not be specifically the very same for you. To disable the shutter audio I release the camera after that (with the camera in landscape setting ) :

  1. Tap the triangular left wing of the camera structure to show the alternatives round the camera.
  2. Touch the Settings symbol (gear ) under right.
  3. Touch the spanner tab on the top.
  4. Touch the down arrowhead on the right to web page down.
  5. Touch the switch alongside Shutter Sound .
  6. Select Off .
2019-05-07 21:20:38

I situated the audio apply for the camera shutter : / system/media/audio/ ui/camera _ click.ogg . Getting rid of or relabeling the documents (calls for origin accessibility? ) need to stop the audio from being played.

2019-05-07 21:19:01

If the supply camera does not give you the alternative just how around merely downloading and install an additional camera software program that permits you to remove the shutter audio. (I'm on HTC Hero with feeling and also it has the alternative )

2019-05-07 21:18:37
  • Download the Ring Toggle App. This is a valuable application to have anyhow. It allows you switch over in between these settings : "Ring & Vibrate", "Ring Only", "Vibrate Only", "Silent"
  • Set up the "Ring Toggle" Widget on your residence screen
  • Click on the "Ring Toggle" Widget and also set it to either" Vibrate Only " or" Silent "

Now when you make use of the Camera application, the shutter will certainly be quiet.

Keep In Mind that Ring Toggle influences every little thing else too (i.e. inbound call, email, SMS, etc )

2019-05-07 18:02:39