Structure optimum personalized equipment for Sql Server

Obtaining the hardware in the mail any kind of day.

Hardware pertaining to my inquiry:

x10 15.5 k RPM SAS Segate Cheetah's. x2 Adaptec 5405 PCIe Raid cards

Motherboard has actually incorporated SAS raid.

Was assuming I would certainly construct 2 RAID 10 selections one for information and also one for logs

The continuing to be 2 drives a RAID 0 for TempDB

Will possibly include a drive for OS.

Does placing the Sql Server application/ exe's on a raid make a distinction and also exists any kind of influence of leaving the OS on a reasonably slow-moving disk contrasted to the raid selections?

I have actually 5/6 DBs incorporated < 50 jobs. With a reasonably excellent/ constant load. Approximating 60-7% reviews vs creates.

Preparation on making use of log delivery too if that issues.

Any kind of suggestions or pointers?

2019-05-07 01:43:37
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Answers: 2

You need to have an array for logs and also an array for data/tempdb, plus a different set of system disks.

On a system this tiny you possibly just require a solitary mirrored the same level for the logs. Make use of one mirrored set for system disks, one for logs et cetera for a RAID - 10 where tempdb and also information quantities go.

If (for one reason or another) you require to blend RAID - 5 quantities right into the system you are possibly much better off with tempdb on a different RAID - 10 if there is a great deal of website traffic on it. Nonetheless, the adaptec RAID controller you have will possibly allow you set up various RAID arrangements on various dividings of the disk. The 2200s controllers I'm making use of on some SQL server dev boxes will certainly do this, and also I think latest Adaptec controllers will certainly it too. In this instance you can set up both a RAID - 5 and also RAID - 10 on various dividings of the very same disks.

2019-05-12 02:06:19

Best technique claims that your OS and also swap need to not share a lun with anything else. Nonetheless I would certainly be extra worried concerning making use of a RAID 0 lun for tempDB. Is it actually worth trading off the write performance of RAID 1 for the threat of a disk failing?

2019-05-08 22:47:00