Just how do I delete all my mail from my Gmail account?

I intend to clear my mail from my Gmail account, yet do not seem like picking every message (additionally the archived ones).

Exists a very easy means to delete all my mail from Gmail without needing to delete my account?

2019-05-07 01:56:30
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Go to your All mail, and also click "Select all" (or the fall alternative All from the checkbox much left of Archive | Spam | Delete switches).

Below the | Archive | Spam | Delete |+| - | Move to Inbox | Labels | More | switches ... You'll see a message show up in a yellow bar that claims :

All 100 discussions on this web page are picked. Select all 73795 discussions in All Mail

Click on the "Select all discussions" link on the appropriate side of the message, after that click delete.

The real removal process might take a really, long time, throughout which you will certainly be incapable to make use of Gmail or visit (do not stress, it's still spinning away behind-the-scenes, also if it offers you a mistake!)

When it's done, all discussions (other than spam) will certainly remain in the garbage and also you need to see a message that claims "You do not have any kind of mail! Our web servers are really feeling unpopular."

Currently simply clear the garbage and also delete all spam, and also your account is currently vacant.

2019-05-08 22:37:43