Just how to make use of GPG with Gmail?

I would love to read and also write GPG encrypted mails within Gmail. I located FireGPG, yet the assistance for Gmail has actually been stopped (and also I am making use of Google Chrome as an internet browser).

What is one of the most sensible means to attain this?

2019-05-07 01:57:13
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Unfortunately, there is presently no practical means to make use of GPG/PGP from within Gmail straight. The only 2 alternatives are to secure the message by hand from a customer - side device, pasting the outcome right into Gmail when you're done, or to make use of a desktop computer mail customer with GPG assimilation (such as Thunderbird+Enigmail) to send messages you require to be secured. Decrypting would certainly furthermore require downloading and install the message from Google as raw resource, running it via the desktop computer customer to decrypt, and also reviewing it there.

2019-05-08 22:15:52