Is Picasa's face tag information saved in the image itself?

I marked all my contacts on my Picasa Web Albums, yet I was asking yourself if this information is saved in the image itself or would certainly I need to retag every image when I import them to my desktop computer or share them with somebody else?

2019-05-07 01:57:57
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Coming from the opposite, in the Picasa Desktop application marking the images does not transform the images in all (I recognize this as my own are never ever transformed in my step-by-step back-ups after marking).

The face details is saved in the picasa.ini submit connected to a data source documents in the customer account.

When I have actually posted the images to Picasa Web the face tags are reproduced there. (as soon as I activated the setups)

I simply attempted making use of Picasa Web's Download to Picasa function on a 2nd COMPUTER and also all of my face tags were shed.

So I assume the solution is, however, you will certainly need to re - tag.

Pointer : Use Picasa Desktop and also it's Sync To Web function to maintain your Face Tags in both areas.

2019-05-09 05:32:19