Just how to remove company setups?

My DroidX simply obtained updated to 2.3.15 (android variation reveals 2.2) over the air. After the upgrade the phone compelled me to set a pin number. The phone is not presently attached to an Exchange web server, yet it made use of to be. A number of weeks ago I got rid of after that Exchange setups for call checklist sync and also I uninstalled TouchDown.

The weird point is that the Exchange web server that I was attached to really did not have a need for a password, so I'm not exactly sure where this setup is originating from. When I search in Location & Security > Select Device Administrators I see "Corporate Sync" detailed therein, yet there does not seem any kind of means to remove the setups.

I no more benefit the firm with the exchange web server, so I can not connect back to it. I would certainly instead not clean the phone and also reset it if I do not need to. I would certainly additionally favor not to root the phone too.

2019-05-07 02:02:26
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Well I've had the very same trouble as the initial poster since I upgraded it to Froyo. My exchange account I formerly carried the phone was making use of a remote manager certification that I can not remove. The other day I exercised a straightforward remedy making use of R/W accessibility to the /system/app folder.

Making use of a free origin documents traveler called Super Manager. I browsed to /system/app and also relabelled the documents PolicyMgrProvider.apk to PolicyMgrPrivider.bak. This got rid of the remote manager plan and also permitted me complete control over the lock screen. After I changed it to No Lock I returned and also relabelled the documents to PolicyMgrProvider.apk.

No worry what so ever before.

I did relabel the documents BlurEmailEngine.apk to a .bak at the very same time, so if its not functioning disable that application too enough time to transform your lock screen setups.

I recognize you do not intend to root your phone, yet however its possibly the only means you'll get that foolish PIN lock gone.

2019-05-10 20:25:15
  • Open up My Accounts application from application tray.
  • Select the Corporate Sync account you desire to change.
  • Your Corporate exchange account setups will certainly be presented
  • Select Remove account to remove this Corporate Exchange account from the mobile phone.

Seen here

Troubleshooting page in instance of more troubles.

2019-05-08 23:19:01

I simply updated too and also had the very same point take place to me. Nonetheless, in my instance I am still attached to an exchange web server. I recognize our IT individuals are really open with not securing down our phones with things similar to this and also I have actually had Windows Mobile phones attached to the very same exchange web server without demand for a pin number.

  • Open Phone Settings
  • Open Location and also Security Settings
  • Go to Select tool managers

Mine presently claims "Corporate Sync" is just one of the tool managers, yet does not permit me to remove it. You might have the ability to remove it given that you have actually gotten rid of the link to the web server.

I believe either the phone had not been applying the setups set by the exchange web server appropriately or that there has actually been a bug presented in the new variation.

KEEP IN MIND : I recognize this wont benefit the individual asking the inquiry, yet could be handy to others. I had the ability to remove my exchange account, transform my password back to Pattern as opposed to PIN, re - add my exchange account, and also the phone did not compel a PIN to be set.

2019-05-08 23:14:38