Exists a means to present Interstate Rest Areas on Google Maps Navigation?

I've had numerous circumstances where this details would certainly have served when browsing w/ Moto Droid, yet I have not had the ability to identify a means to reach interstate (USA) remainder locations in Google Maps Navigation. Are they organized in with another thing? Called another thing?

I was considering recommending this to Google, yet I intended to see to it it had not been currently there and also missing it.

2019-05-07 02:03:03
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A little a hack.

Many thanks to a solution in the gis.stackexchange.com, I had the ability to speak to the proprietor of an internet mashup (driven by a google spread sheet) that developed an KML export link.


Copy/Pasting this link right into the search box in Google Maps on my android presented the remainder locations on the map.

There's a restriction to the variety of factors the map will certainly present out the KML, so if you are zoomed out also much, you'll just get a collection of factors. So see to it you are focused close adequate - - having a couple of states noticeable need to still function and also be no worry.

When the map factors load, the level adjustments. I presume it's for all the factors that were filled from the KML.

2019-05-08 22:20:25