Unix matching of PowerShell?

I've constantly located it unpleasant when intricate shell commands entail parsing message result with AWK. Primarily we're transforming organized information right into message, after that analyzing the message once more to pay back the organized information.

PowerShell is a Windows shell which stays clear of that trouble by permitting you to pipeline keyed in things in between shell regulates as opposed to simply message.

Exist any kind of Unix coverings which are object-based as opposed to text-based, like PowerShell?

2019-05-07 02:08:04
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No, it is vice versa. There is no spoon ^ H ^ H ^ Hstructured information. There is just message.

A large component of the Unix ideology is based upon the suggestion of outputting message and also approving message as input. You could intend to take into consideration reviewing "The Art of Unix Programming", which has a wonderful description concerning this.

Do not get me incorrect : I recognize your factor and also I recognize what you are attempting to access. There are points like the interactive interpreters of Ruby and also Python, which can be made use of as a shell, yet they are not as pleasant for standard jobs as Bash is. Attempt and also transform directory site, as an example.

Additionally, making use of things in a shell is not all - that. So your shell sustains this, on Unix, you would certainly go to a loss. All the typical Unix message adjustment devices would certainly need to be modified, like grep, awk, sed, etc

I assume there has actually been an effort to create something similar to this a couple of years back, yet I can not bear in mind the name and also I have not read about it in a long period of time. It's possibly not mosting likely to remove.

2019-05-08 23:50:28

I would certainly assume you can complete a lot of that by creating a number of analyzed (or assembled) manuscripts, after that invoking them within the interpreter's shell, which will certainly return or maintain your things and more if you desire.

You can do this in at the very least Ruby, Perl, Python, Haskell (as an example, GHCi), JavaScript (as an example, node.js), Matlab, and also absolutely various other languages ...

2019-05-08 19:24:51

There's in fact a task called Pash that intends to implement PowerShell (in addition to Mono), yet it appears to have actually delayed.

2019-05-08 13:55:58

There is a task, whose objective share resemblance with PowerShell : Hotwire. It incorporates normal sh with python scripting and also window/graphical setting. You can offer it an appearance.

It's based around object-oriented pipeline that you can expand with your very own things by covering existing programs or making use of Python collections.

2019-05-08 10:10:08