Where are some excellent overviews for making plans (deborah, rpm, etc)?

I am seeking a concise howto on the essentials.

2019-05-07 02:13:14
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For RPM you can start with 'Maximum RPM' (download here), which is old, yet really intricate, an excellent area to start finding out. There is additionally a course on IBM DeveloperWorks, which is even more of a tutorial.

As soon as you realize the essentials, you need to attempt and also read the packaging standards for Fedora or OpenSUSE (which are much alike), so you can see just how packaging is in fact carried out in the real world.

I recognize that Ubuntu had a packagers class on IRC a while back, yet I do not find out about its existing standing. Debian (and also Ubuntu) packaging tutorials are bountiful around. For Debian, also, read their packaging standards to see just how it is in fact done.

2019-05-09 00:08:15

It is usually best to find out just how to package the details sort of point you're packaging. A Mono application is really various to a Python application, and also you're ideal if you can find out details pertinent to you, most importantly.

2019-05-08 23:57:13

On FreeBSD, for a mounted port :

cd /usr/ports/category/myport
make package


make package-recursive

The first one makes a plan from the port while the 2nd additionally consists of all dependences. Conversely, you can obtain even more control by utilizing pkg_create. Like make package it additionally calls for the port to be mounted :

pkg_create -Rb mysoftware myswpkgname

However there is no tidy and also very easy means to make a plan without first mounting it unless you look into the nitty - abrasive of ports upkeep and also plan production which you can review here. This will certainly be essential if you intend to package something you've created on your own.

There are, nonetheless, a couple of choices to make life less complicated if you require to make software that aren't mounted on your system. The first is to make use of a construct prison. Conversely (or simultaneously), you can additionally simply remove the software program you install :

make deinstall

from the port directory site, or

pkg_delete -r mypackage

which gives extra control (the -r button gets rid of dependences too). See the male web pages for ports, pkg_delete and also pkg_create for information.

2019-05-08 15:05:13

The ubuntu packaging guide is an excellent intro. The remainder you can find out by researching existing plans, and also reviewing guidebooks (CDBS, and also certainly Debian Policy). Nonetheless, as directhex claimed, it depends a whole lot on the sort of plan you work with.

For RPM, I suched as the Mandriva wiki, and also some Fedora RPM Guide and also Guidelines.

2019-05-08 10:11:52