Where can I locate a paste solution with (customer side) security?

I intend to:

  • paste/ modify a message fragment online
  • secure that fragment in my internet browser
  • store that fragment online
  • inform several of my individuals concerning the URL to the fragment AND the passphrase

exist solutions like that readily available?

2019-05-07 02:15:02
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I located https://defuse.ca/pastebin.htm to be rather valuable and also functioning well.

This pastebin secures your blog post with a 128 little bit equal arbitrary code which is consisted of in the paste URL. The URL code is hashed making use of SHA256 right into a key for AES - 256 in CBC (Cipher Block Chaining) setting. The only means any person will certainly see your paste is if they have the URL. So just share the paste URL with individuals you trust fund, and also your information will certainly be 100% exclusive. We've additionally arrangement a robots.txt documents informing Google and also various other internet search engine not to index the materials of the pastebin. If we get a court order to decrypt a blog post, we will certainly not have the ability to abide.

You additionally have the alternative of securing your message with customer - side security. This is far more safe and secure due to the fact that the security and also decryption take place right in your internet browser making use of JavaScript. In this way, we never ever get the opportunity to see the unencrypted information neither the password made use of to secure it. When you make use of customer - side security, your password obtains hashed with SHA256 right into a 256 little bit key for the AES block cipher, which is made use of to secure the message in CBC setting. An arbitrary 256 little bit salt and also an arbitrary initialization vector are given by our web server is CSPRNG (Cryptographically Secure Pseudorandom Number Generator).

The information is constantly sent out to Defuse Cyber - Security via a safe and secure, AES - 256 encrypted, SSL/TLS link.

2019-12-04 08:19:43

Have you considered www.codebarrel.com? I assume it has every little thing you uploaded you intended to do.

2019-05-09 07:11:17

You can attempt LockMyStuff It additionally offer you some alternatives like max allowed customers, time to run out and also track accessibility to the message

2019-05-08 08:04:52