Can the key email of a Google account be transformed to something apart from the Gmail address?

I've included a Gmail address to my Google account and also currently it is stuck and also presented as key address:

[email protected] (Primary email)
[email protected] Remove

Is there a means to compel my actual address as key?

Conversely: I do not in fact require the foolish Gmail address. Can I simply delete it without having troubles with various other applications (e.g. Google Code) attached to this account?

2019-05-07 02:18:17
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There isn't a means presently, and also its infuriating . I needed to create an entirely seperate account to make use of the Android Marketplace, given that Checkout will just approve a address and also its excruciating to see that address on every Google solution I make use of. As well as that it damages some solutions (eg Wave) that have their very own accounts information and also just make use of the Google account name to link them up.

I recognize that there allow adjustments heading for the entire manner in which Google does account management (the "extra solutions in Apps" point becomes part of it), yet I'm not privy to all the information. I'll raise a hullabaloo concerning anything thats not dealt with once they roll all that things out:)

2019-05-17 09:54:45

You need to have the ability to simply remove the Gmail solution from your account (after seeing to it any kind of perhaps valuable details from it is supported). If you do not currently have alternative email selections, you need to be motivated to add one so your account will certainly still have a username as soon as Gmail is removed.

It is feasible that your presented username for solutions like Google Code will certainly transform (given that it appears to make use of the key email address if the account concerned does not make use of Gmail) yet there needs to be no actual troubles, just adjustments in just how your account shows up.

Searching via the Google Accounts aid documents, I can not locate anything on transforming your Primary Address if you make use of Gmail ; it appears to be a selection created you.

Edit (motivated by Robert Norris) : I would certainly significantly enjoy such an attribute, as I am protected against from logging right into my AdSense account making use of the very same username as every various other Google solution I make use of. If I can link both Google Accounts, I would possibly stop despising Google for closing down Notepad and also Jaiku (yet except shuttering Gizmo5, despite the fact that I currently have an account).

2019-05-17 09:53:07

setups - > "accounts and also import". alongside the detailed e-mail addresses you need to see a "make default" link.

click it.

to remove that linked gmail - address : pick the "delete" link.

2019-05-09 00:07:32