Just how do I locate where a port is?

If I intend to figure out which directory site under/ usr/ports has a port like "gnome-terminal", just how can I do that? Exists a very easy command? Presently I make use of points like

resemble */ gnome-terminal

yet exists an internet site or overview which informs you this without needing to make use of a method?

2019-05-07 02:28:41
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There are numerous manner ins which you can locate a port, including your echo strategy. To start, there is the ports website where you can search by name or get a complete checklist of readily available ports. You can additionally attempt:

whereis <program>

yet this - - like making use of echo - - will not function unless you type the specific name of the port. As an example, gnome-terminal functions great yet postgres returns absolutely nothing. An additional means is:

cd /usr/ports
make search name=<program>

yet remember that this will not return a wonderful checklist ; it returns numerous \n delimited areas, so grep as essential. I've made use of both of the above approaches in the past yet nowadays I simply make use of find:

find /usr/ports -name=<program> -print

Lastly, I will certainly refer you to the Finding Your Application area of the manual which details these approaches in addition to websites like Fresh Ports which comes in handy for tracking updates.

2019-05-08 23:07:17