If I have a web page that obtains a great deal of StumbleUpon traffic, will that traffic loss if I relocate?

Claim I have a page that obtains a great deal of traffic using StumbleUpon. It's an old web page, and also I could intend to relocate to an additional website as component restructuring my old website. I plan to maintain the web content the same, apart from possibly a slim header or footer.

If I place in a permanent 301 redirect, will my web page be punished by StumbleUpon or various other social bookmarking websites? Will I shed the existing traffic?

2019-05-07 02:31:45
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I do not recognize a bunch concerning StumbleUpon yet I do recognize that Google just offers you a mild ding for 301 redirects. So by that action you need to not have a concern with doing a 301 redirect for a web page that StumbleUpon is connected to. Google will certainly still creep it and also simply see it is currently a 301.

The only problem I would certainly have is if StumbleUpon gets rid of web links that it locates to be 301 redirects. I can not locate anything from StumbleUpon that would certainly make me assume that they do that.

2019-05-09 00:41:34

So it aims to me, based upon this question over on StumbleUpon's assistance website that there's a little a disadvantage in regards to one facet of SU, from a SU staff member :

Sorry, we can not reroute existing testimonials to new links, neither transform the access information for existing testimonials.

You might desire to make certain that you have actually a. redirect on each of your "old" web pages. that have actually been assessed, to make sure that any kind of. site visitors adhering to that course wind up. at your new web content.

So primarily transforming the URL will certainly uncouple the existing testimonials and also stumble information from the web page. Currently, customers can still arrive (thinking the redirects are done effectively on the web server), yet there is a disadvantage.

Yet based upon what I see of some websites that implement redirects, there need to be no disadvantage from transforming the link. Still, I assume I'm intending to not have fun with this for existing web pages with high traffic.

2019-05-08 03:48:58