What do I need to do to get my documents system to identify international personalities?

I have some MP3 submits that have Cyrillic in the mp3 information, along with being called Сyrillic (the documents names themselves as in "музыка.mp3". Exists some added language plan that can install to have my songs gamer and also documents system provide the Cyrillic information appropriately?

I understand these are 2 different attributes. I'm satisfied to get the answer for both.


2019-05-07 02:32:18
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My presumption would certainly be you require to install some sort of language plan, acquire a phone from the native land for that language, or transform the files back to English language.

When I most likely to Settings > Language & keyboard and also consider the languages I can just pick from English and also Spanish. So to install an additional language search the marketplace for it thus, "Russian Language Pack". Install and also return to the language area in setups and also select it. After that see if you can play the files.

If that does not function you are mosting likely to need to attempt the various other 2 alternatives.

2019-05-08 22:27:59