Just how do I beat the cyclops in Dark Messiah?

I'm obtaining my butt kicked by the Cyclops in Chapter 5. I can await him to strike and also struck him in the eye when he's curved down yet it's gobbling all my wellness remedies. There's GOT to be a far better means!

2019-05-04 02:55:29
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One point that makes this less complicated is to go down the statuary on the various other end of the area on him. Kicking it right into him after it's dropped is additionally a whole lot extra reliable than it need to be.

I've additionally located that stabbing (onward and also in reverse solid strike with a sword) is extra reliable, and also occasionally causes a one-hit kill (with a rather weak sword, without adrenaline).

Certainly, this cyclops is entirely optional. You can additionally return after you position the Shantiri crystal-- if you saw a particular secret location previously, you can scented a really effective sword later on in the phase.

2019-05-08 05:04:53