Blogger and also Google App organizing at nude domain name making use of 1 & 1

My host is via 1 & 1. com. I'm attempting to set up both blogger and also Google Apps mail at the nude domain name.

I had the ability to get blogger set up on the www. variation of the website by merely developing a CNAME document which indicates The nude domain name is additionally indicating, developing a symmetric configuration. Blogger has actually the domain name specified with www., and also the checkbox which picks if to reroute nude domain name to www. is examined.

Currently when I attempt to set up the MX documents for Google apps at 1 & 1, it does not allow me. When you enter to the DNS setups, you can pick in between DNS or CNAME. When you pick DNS, it permits you to set a solitary A document, and also the MX documents. Nonetheless, if you pick to make use of a CNAME (like I did), it will certainly not permit you to set any kind of MX documents.

I'll attempt my ideal to define the alternatives readily available on 1 & 1 making use of a tree:

  • General setups =
    • CNAME
      • Pen name = [web server]
    • DNS
      • Call web server =
        • My name web server
          • Key Name Server = [web server]
          • Second Name Server =
            • My Secondary Name Server
              • First second name web server = [web server]
              • Second second name web server = [web server]
              • Third second name web server = [web server]
            • 1 & 1 Name Server
        • 1 & 1 name web server
          • IP address (A document) =
            • 1 & 1 IP Address
            • Various other IP address
              • [ip-address]
          • Mail web server (MX document) =
            • 1 & 1 mail web server
            • Various other mail web server
              • MX 1/ Prio = [mx-record]
              • MX 2/ Prio = [mx-record]
              • More back-ups =
                • My Mail Exchanger
                  • MX 3/ Prio = [mx-record]
                  • MX 4/ Prio = [mx-record]
                • Back-up mail exchanger
As an example, in General settings you can pick either CNAME or DNS. If you pick CNAME you will certainly see the Alias area. The Alias area takes a [server] value (e.g. An additional instance, if you pick Name server = 1&1 name server, you will certainly see all the alternatives detailed below it (IP address (A record) and also Mail server (MX record)), yet not the alternatives below My name server.


  • [server]: calls for a web server [is it extra exact to call this domain name? ] (e.g.
  • [ip-address]: calls for a set of 4 numbers (i.e. a legitimate ip). So, a domain name such as will certainly not function.
  • [mx-record]: absorbs a [server] and also an integer top priority.

You will certainly see that when General settings = CNAME, it does not have any kind of MX document areas readily available. Is this an imperfection of 1 & 1, or can you never ever have a CNAME document with MX documents specified?

Exists any kind of means to do what I'm attempting to do?


  • Blogger blog site organized at www. or nude domain name (I have no choice).
  • The various other domain name will certainly reroute to the various other one (e.g. www. will certainly reroute to nude domain name, or the other way around).
  • Mail makes use of Google Apps at nude domain name (e.g. [email protected]).
  • It needs to be trusted and also SEO pleasant. I recognize I can set up a solitary A document to indicate among Google's IP addresses (as opposed to, yet after that I do not get the 4 web server redundancy, suggesting if a solitary web server drops, my website additionally drops.
2019-05-07 02:39:57
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You need to not create a CNAME document to the nude domain name (without the 'www'). All you require to do is onward or reroute it to your 'www' address to make sure that both URLs will certainly indicate your blog. You can after that modify the MX document of your domain to Google Apps

2019-12-03 00:48:49

See this question and also my solution over at When you have a CNAME, you can not have various other documents of various kinds on the very same hostname. This isn't a constraint of 1 & 1, it's a constraint of DNS itself.

2019-05-09 07:32:35