Which Windows to install on an equipment with 4GB RAM?

Experience with Windows on equipments with 4GB RAM or even more:

  • XP 32
    Downgrade is ALRIGHT, yet not entire RAM can be made use of.
    Beginning to get vehicle driver troubles on brand-new equipments.
    Still matches most instances.
  • XP 64
    Neglect it. No excellent vehicle drivers readily available.
  • Panorama 64
    It's Vista (reduce documents duplicate procedures and also various other such troubles. )
    Customers simply do not like it.
  • 7 64
    Just readily available as RC1 ...

I ask yourself which Windows you are mounting on such equipments.
In the meantime it appears we'll need to wish and also wish 7.


  • This was unclear in the initial summary: It's concerning equipments for customers (desktop computers and also laptop computers). Not web servers.
  • I was describing XP SP3 and also Vista SP1 over. From my experience and also those of the customers Vista x64 SP1 still has slow-moving documents procedures, despite the fact that I concur that it has actually a lot boosted over the calamity in Vista without solution pack.
2019-05-07 02:44:36
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My experience with Vista (half a year blog post - first - release) has actually been remarkable. I see no factor to prevent it, it's primarily simply baseless hate as a result of negative online reputation in the first launch.

2019-05-09 00:53:53

Windows 7 64 - little bit functions penalty for me on a 4Gb equipment. Win2k8 64 - little bit additionally functions penalty in 4Gb.

We're running SQL Server on numerous 2k8 4Gb 64 - little bit equipments, the only troubles we've seen are with SQL consuming all readily available memory which can be addressed by establishing the maximum memory alternative.

2019-05-09 00:47:34

Can you offer even more information on what sort of setting you are considering releasing this in?

For a desktop computer customer that at the very least recognizes the essentials of install windows after that go with 7.

If you are intending to turn out this at an office after that i would certainly select panorama, i belive it has actually gotten to that degree of maturation and also functions well as lengthy as you have a system with panorama vehicle drivers.

That in mind if you are mosting likely to acquire panorama wait till july as they will certainly be supplying free upgrades from panorama to windows 7 for individuals that acquire it after july.

2019-05-09 00:46:57

I have a Vista 64 equipment and also a Vista 64 Laptop too and also in addition to a concern with the laptop computer's electronic camera vehicle driver, I had nothing else troubles. So I assume that there need to not be any kind of troubles with Vista 64.

Havent attempted Windows 7 yet however.

2019-05-09 00:45:57

XP can decline greater than 4GB of RAM (and also from what I have actually been informed, anything over 2GB is not made use of effectively).

Select Vista64 - in my experience (4GB RAM) it is rapid and also virtually remarkable (see related question on SOF). If your customers whine based upon negative attention, inform them to attempt it for a week first.

2019-05-09 00:30:41

I'm running Windows 7 x64 with really little troubles, for a residence and also growth COMPUTER its wonderful and also have actually had no worry with it. If you were utilizing it in a company setting after that you might require to stick to an ended up and also full OS, so I would certainly claim Vista x64. I utilized it before 7 and also it functioned penalty for me. On an effective adequate equipment, with adequate sources it functions great, and also the 64bit vehicle drivers for it exist.

2019-05-09 00:29:24

Windows 7 64. It's RC just, yet unfailing for me.

Yet see to it you get vehicle drivers for all your hardware. I needed to desert an Epson scanner, due to the fact that they do not supply vehicle drivers for that version. Till I get a new scanner I make use of a VM for that.

2019-05-09 00:25:02

Personally, Vista 64 with SP1 (which boosts the File Copy concern). It's secure, mostly all vital applications work currently.

OTOH, if your network is still mostly XP, you might intend to stick to that and also take into consideration a full framework upgrade to Windows 7 once it's out. This appears to be usual presently, firms are missing Vista for doing a XP = > 7 upgrade later on.

I do not such as Windows XP any longer, the installment procedure on a modern-day equipment (With AHCI made it possible for - establishing it to Legacy - Mode is ripping off!) is a PITA. And also XP64 is entirely out of Question, it's the Windows ME of x64 in my publication, as a result of the full absence of assistance from both hardware/driver and also software program firms.

2019-05-09 00:24:53

I make use of Windows XP 64 w/4Gb Ram, i have not had several troubles with it, vehicle drivers wern't tough to get (nForce Board). When it comes to software program assistance, no matter to a lot, every little thing functions great running in 32bit setting, having 64bit software program is simply an incentive.

Oh an Hibernate is impaired for 4GB ram+: (

2019-05-09 00:08:28

If you're speaking about now for an organisation setting, Vista x64 SP1 is the only point that will certainly do what you desire and also is totally sustained as a manufacturing system. SP2 will certainly be launched this quarter. If you can wait, Windows 7 looks excellent based upon testimonials, yet there are points to take into consideration, like the Windows XP setting which was lately introduced that will certainly become part of your choice making and also might add intricacy to your release and also assistance.

2019-05-08 20:24:30