HTC Sense reactivates regularly on Hero 2.1 - can reduced memory create this?

Usually when I go back to the residence screen from making use of an application, the HTC Sense UI (running 2.1) restarts. It appears to be even worse when extra applications are running. Does it closure to free memory, exists a security trouble or another thing?

2019-05-07 02:46:05
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Most most likely you have way too many solutions going for as soon as that are consuming every one of your memory.

Examine running solutions under Settings - - > Applications - - > Running solutions. Consider the vivid memory bar at the end of just how much free memory there is.

Seek solutions that are high up on memory use which you do not make use of any longer. Ask on your own if you actually require that solution running or otherwise. If you do not, remove it. See if that aids. You'll possibly see a far better performance increase almost everywhere if you are being stalled by too much quantities of solutions.

In addition, you can experiment with a new Home launcher such as LauncherPro.

2019-05-08 23:52:09

Whenever android requires even more ram, it will certainly eliminate anything in the "history" the HTC sense is history if you are playing a computer game or any kind of various other application. So when android sees that it requires ram, feeling with it's rather huge memory impact is a prime prospect. Downplay it. If it collapsed you would certainly get a "pressure close". Some launchers do methods to compel them to not be eliminated by android BUT that has an adverse result on ram schedule for foreground applications.

2019-05-08 23:23:54