Excellent devices that fit on a thumb drive

I have actually watched recently for some excellent devices to fill out my flash drive and also I assumed I would certainly ask the Server Fault area for referrals on excellent devices that will certainly fit onto a thumb drive.

Some I make use of are Driver Packs, CCleaner and also the portable apps suite.

2019-05-07 02:47:25
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Just asking yourself ... How large is that flash disk intended to be? I myself have one that is 32 GB and also there is a whole lot that you can fit on that particular. ; -) If you utilize it on a system that can boot from USB, you could also take into consideration mounting a full os on it, to range from USB. (Most most likely mosting likely to be Linux.)

2019-12-04 07:31:46

I like this USB software - - http://portableapps.com/

2019-12-04 04:29:53

For disk use, I've seen energies that make use of treemap visualization stated, yet not the old, tiny, and also however called Scanner (dispersed as scn2.zip).

I locate Scanner is sunburst graph a lot easier to read than treemaps, also if it does not have several of the attributes and also rate of points like WinDirStat and also SequoiaView.

2019-05-23 00:50:31

Use TiddlyWiki as a note pad: http://www.tiddlywiki.com/.

Perfect for lugging all your system - management notes around on a stick. A complete - highlighted wiki with wiki markup, web links and also tags in a solitary self - changing html documents.

2019-05-22 23:06:04
2019-05-21 08:23:21

I have a bootable Ubuntu USB thumb drive (lately upgraded to 9.04), It has actually conserved Data from several dead laptop computers and also PCs.

2019-05-21 08:08:23

Drive Snapshot disk imaging device:


No installment essential, so you can simply run the EXE on any kind of host (Windows) to create a disk image to an exterior drive or network area.

2019-05-21 06:41:04

sysinternals was currently stated, yet I intended to mention Desktops clearly. It is an outstanding device when it functions.

Desktop computers permits you to arrange your applications on approximately 4 digital desktop computers. Read e-mail on one, surf the internet on the 2nd, and also do operate in your software on the 3rd, without the mess of the home windows you're not making use of. After you set up hotkeys for switching over desktop computers, you can create and also switch over desktop computers either by clicking the tray symbol to open a desktop computer sneak peek and also changing window, or by utilizing the hotkeys.

2019-05-19 17:44:51

I recognize linux has actually been stated, yet DamnSmallLinux has a VM variation > 50 Meg is it is rather outstanding.

2019-05-19 09:36:06

If you require to view/edit XML documents of any kind of type I very advise First Object XML Editor.

Light-weight, no install, tree - view/editor synchronisation, syntax highlighting, and also most importantly a personalized Indent alternative (F8) to understand insane Microsoft config documents ;)

2019-05-17 11:09:02

I simply filled up my thumb drive with:

  • 7 - zip mobile
  • Autoruns
  • Eraser mobile
  • Filezilla mobile
  • Firefox mobile
  • JkDegrag mobile
  • Process Explorer
  • Putty
  • Truecrypt
  • Vim
  • VLC mobile
  • WinDirStat portable

I have an additional thumb drive that is a bootable real-time Linux which can be found in convenient for gparted, dd, etc

2019-05-17 09:45:43

To state a couple of I do not yet see detailed:

WhyReboot (records reactivate queued procedures)
CPUID's CPU-Z (hardware details)
CloneSpy (replicate documents)
Scanner (disk use)

I additionally 2nd @John's referral for the collection of devices by NirSoft along with SysInternals, way too many to trouble listing independently.

2019-05-11 22:49:00

Installer for AVG anti - infection.

2019-05-11 22:46:51

VPC 2007 and also Two VHD's:

  • XP Clean & covered/ layout box
  • XP Loaded with devices and also rewards
2019-05-11 22:08:51

I collaborate with a great deal of MS - SQL mounts so I constantly have a duplicate of the old (no more delivered) odbcping.exe. Last Microsoft SQL variation to deliver it was SQL Server 2000 (afaicr).

Really valuable to establish if there is a trouble with a SQL Instance.

usage: odbcping [-S Server | -D DSN] [-U Login Id] [-P Password]
2019-05-11 17:18:11

A suitable full-screen editor (eg. note pad+npls ). Refine Explorer.

2019-05-09 04:56:14
  • UltraEdit & UltraCompare are a wonderful full-screen editor and also file/folder contrast device, and also they both sustain U3.
  • Keepass for my password monitoring.
  • Sysinternals devices need to do without claiming ...
2019-05-09 04:54:41

Beyond Compare, great for looking for adjustments

2019-05-09 04:49:08

Make a thumb drive that is bootable to Ubuntu.

2019-05-09 04:39:52

[ Update : Initially I removed this solution due to the fact that I detected it was currently stated in the inquiry. Nonetheless I assume it would certainly benefit it to see ballots so I have actually examined the Community Wiki box to stop individuals from assuming I'm attempting to video game the system ]

Apps from http://portableapps.com/ like Portable Firefox disappear on the system you run them on.

Additionally the PortableApps application itself uses them a breeze.

2019-05-09 04:34:51

What does not fit on a thumb drive, nowadays? 16GB drives resemble $50!

2019-05-09 04:25:48

Maybe have a look on Framakey which is a collection of changed program to utilize them on a USB stick.

It presently consists of:

  • Firefox
  • Thunderbird
  • OpenOffice.org 2.0 b
  • VLC
  • Coolplayer
  • Scite
2019-05-09 04:20:44

Right currently I have a 16GB OCZ Rally2 which I locate dead convenient. I maintain great deals of the devices stated over on it (in mobile application kind, primarily).

I've obtained the materials of some valuable OSs on there : especially Windows XP, Server 2003, as well as additionally the Win 7 Beta. I developed a dividing that works with W7 also so I can install straight without an optical disk. Dead convenient for screening on laptop computers with diverse hardware arrangements.

2019-05-09 04:04:16

AutoHotKey can be positioned on and also range from your flashkey.

There are several points you could manuscript a capacity to do which could reduce Server relevant jobs.

2019-05-09 04:01:37

DosBox certainly, for when you require to mimic an old ODS equipment for, umm, old workplace applications.

2019-05-09 03:28:52

Tor - - you never ever recognize when you're mosting likely to require Web accessibility that is without cookies, Java, and also various other plug - ins.

2019-05-09 03:25:16

Aside from SysInternals, energies from Nirsoft are additionally valuable.

2019-05-09 03:22:49

In enhancement the Sysinternals, AVG, Portable Firefox and also PuTTY stated over my USB key has:

  • WinDirStat - for searching down huge documents and also directory sites on disk drives
  • Stinger - for eliminating usual infection infections
2019-05-09 03:11:48

Most Previously SysInternals Tools

Also Kudos to Palmin for stating "Sysinternals Live", in the remarks. (see live.sysinternals.com/About_This_Site.txt)

2019-05-09 02:49:01

You can get UBCD4WIN on a thumbdrive


2019-05-09 01:49:48

In top of that, I highly advise to add TrueCrypt if you maintain any kind of individual or personal information. Occasionally I require to place consumer's data source back-ups and also I would certainly remain in wonderful problem if a person obtains accessibility to them.

2019-05-09 00:23:57

Directory Opus, it seems like fifty percent of your computer system is constantly with you.

2019-05-09 00:14:27

These are the energies I carry my drive:

  • CurrPorts presents the checklist of all presently opened up TCP/IP and also UDP ports on your neighborhood computer system.
  • ftpserver3lite is an FTP web server
  • ftpwanderer2 is an FTP customer
  • ipnetinfo solutions inquiries concerning an IP address : proprietor, country/state, array, call details, etc
  • miranda basic messaging remedy (sustains most P2P messaging networks)
  • omziff security decryption device.
  • FoxitReader remarkable different to adobe's PDF viewers. light and also rapid and also mobile.
  • Qm (The Quick Mailer) if you simply intend to send an Email the old pasion means without installment.
  • Restoration fast and also standard undelete energy.
  • smsniff standard TCP sniffer.
  • torpark a Firefox - based internet browser for entirely distinct surfing.
  • treepad simply a wonderful energy to arrange your information in, just like freemind and also various other mind maps.
  • cpicture an image visitor
  • DriveMan for taking care of hard drives on the neighborhood computer system.
  • FollowMeIPLite significantly like www.whatismyip.com just a lot quicker.
  • hfs opens up a tiny HTTP documents web server from wanted folder, for instantaneous documents sharing.
  • angry ip scanner checks IP's
  • kill.exe - requires no intro :)
  • putty a telnet energy every system manager has actually reached know with.
  • startup control panel,. StartupList, regcleaner - actually there are several computer system registry. cleaners/managers around, great deals of. them fits perfectly in a thumb - drive.
  • Revealer discloses passwords from. password areas. It is really valuable in several. scenarios.
  • vncviewer customer for the VNC. remote desktop computer method
  • WinAudit audits a Windows. equipment. Great deals of valuable details.
  • xcopy.exe - it is still valuable to have. about.
  • TcpView reveals all all TCP and also UDP endpoints on your system.

Beyond Compare is superb, btw. Additionally, you could intend to look into portable freeware.

2019-05-08 23:34:02

One of my most - made use of devices on my USB - Stick:

It's concerning the most convenient and also quickest (regex) find/replace device readily available.

2019-05-08 23:19:57

Linux (as an example Debian, Knoppix, Puppy). Also if the systems you're collaborating with aren't Linux, you can get valuable points done by having a complete, functioning OS in your pocket ; occasionally having a various OS can also be a benefit.

2019-05-08 21:28:24

I obtained these from crazeegeekchick.com time earlier and also I actually enjoy them.

  1. TrueCrypt-- secure your thumb drive to shield your details

  2. ToDoList-- A job monitoring device that permits you to repetitively sub - divide your jobs right into even more convenient items whilst still offering a tidy and also instinctive customer experience. (Windows Only)

  3. Portable Firefox-- Leaves no individual details behind on the equipment - you can bring your browser/extensions/bookmarks anywhere

  4. Pidgin Portable-- All - in - one split second messaging (sustains AIM, ICQ, MSN Messenger, Yahoo, G - Chat, etc)

  5. WS FTP32-- ftp customer

  6. FileZilla-- yet an additional ftp customer

  7. Notepad2-- a rapid light - weight progressed full-screen editor with syntax highlighting

  8. Notepad++ - this is just one of my favored full-screen editor-- currently made mobile

  9. Color Cop-- this is just one of my favored free software applications-- consists of an eyedropper you can drag over any kind of window to order the shade value. It after that supplies a scheme of 42 free of charge colors to the one you've selected.

  10. Ifranview-- a light little graphics viewer/editor that loads a large strike. You can utilize it to collaborate with screen records, create slide shows and also even more

  11. GIMP-- the preferred open resource photo editor packaged as a mobile application-- really durable

  12. 7-Zip Portable-- takes care of zip, gzip, tar, rar etc

  13. Allway Sync-- synchronizes documents in between your thumb drive and also COMPUTER

  14. Unknown Devices-- aids you figure out what the unidentified tools in the tool supervisor are

  15. TestDisk-- information recuperation software program that can recoup shed dividings or make drives bootable once more

  16. UTorrent-- my recommended little bit gush customer-- I enjoy having this with me any place I go

  17. Roeder's .NET Reflector-- lately acquired by Red Gate, this still - free application can be made use of to explore.NET settings up, recognize partnerships in between courses and also approaches, locate where kinds are instantiated and also revealed or examine that code has actually been appropriately obfuscated prior to release. There are additionally over 30 add - ins readily available.

  18. Process Explorer-- previously Filemon and also Regmon, this is a very useful sleuthing device

  19. TightVNC-- based upon the preferred VNC remote software program, this variation can survive a thumb drive

  20. WinMerge-- contrasts distinctions in between documents and also combines adjustments. It has the very same attributes as the desktop computer variation

  21. Text2Html-- a message to HTML converter-- transforms message documents right into HTML layout

  22. Portable Apps Suite-- this is the mac - father of them all-- it consists of Firefox, Thunderbird (email), Sunbird (schedule), ClamWin (anti-virus), Pidgin (see over), Sumatra PDF Readable, KeePass Password Safe, OpenOffice, CoolPlayer (audio Player) and also also a number of video games

  23. Restoration-- Recover mistakenly removed documents-- also after they were removed from the reuse container

  24. Infra Recorder Portable-- cd and also dvd burning

  25. RockXP-- permits you to recoup windows passwords or keys, adjustment keys, present system password, and also extra-- stealthy!

2019-05-08 19:28:58

JkDefrag v3.36 - Better than the Native Windows disk degfragmenter. It can range from your USB drive. And also most importantly, it's FREE!

2019-05-08 19:27:23

Installers for perl and also strength

2019-05-08 18:58:57

Definitely Total Commander. Simply lacks the install folder ; does packing/unpacking, FTP, documents diff, folder sync, multi - rename, checksum generation/verification. You call it ...

For those that still possess POP3 accounts ; E-Res-Q (immoral plug!) permits no - fuss accessibility to a POP3 make up fast watching and also cleaning of messages (helpful for getting rid of spammed out or obstructed - with - a - 50MB - add-on accounts).

2019-05-08 18:37:26

This inquiry is 7 hrs old, and also no person have actually stated a hex (binary) editor yet. Occasionally, also a sysadmin requires to look inside a documents to examine (or fine-tune) what realy prowls within.

Light-weight yet a little old, frhed a is free binary documents editor for Windows.

HxD is a meticulously made and also rapid hex editor, appears extra existing.

2019-05-08 17:55:59

I would certainly claim having a bootable WinPE photo is critical for desktop/server assistance.

2019-05-08 17:02:15

Wireshark - display network website traffic.

2019-05-08 16:52:25

Portable Total Commander is a have to have for any kind of mobile setting.

2019-05-08 16:48:30

I generally maintain concerning a loads various sorts of boot - photos on my USB (and also of course, it does not set you back an arm and also a leg to acquire all this things) :

The major factor being that when you collaborate with governmental companies, you can not constantly get accessibility to the Internet, yet (for me) it was very easy to melt CDs there. It made debugging negative equipment, and also problemtic OSs a lot easier.

2019-05-08 14:12:01

Win32 GNU device set

2019-05-08 12:03:19

Far manager, certainly, besides right stuff various other stated. It resembles Total Commander, yet what is intriguing concerning it is that it is a Windows console application - yet it presents complete UI.

2019-05-08 11:47:33

I actually like http://portableapps.com/ for this.

2019-05-08 03:51:34

Look at the PC Repair/Toolkit

For reference :

  • DCoT Menu
  • Active @ ISO Burner
  • AutoCompress
  • Brute Benchmark
  • CCleaner
  • CDmage
  • DriveImage XML
  • Double Killer
  • DTaskManager
  • encopy
  • Eraser
  • explore2fs
  • File Assassin
  • Filemon
  • Hash
  • HDDScan
  • LC ISO Creator
  • LSASecretsView
  • Patcher
  • PMMon
  • ProcessExplorer
  • ProduKey
  • Regmon
  • Restoration
  • Roadkil's CommTest
  • Roadkil's Disk Image
  • Rootkit Revealer
  • SequoiaView
  • System Information for Windows
  • TweakUI
  • Universal Extract
  • Virtual CD Control Panel
  • What Changed?
  • Why Reboot?
  • WirelessKeyView
2019-05-08 00:08:47

The Computer Repair Utility Kit that Technibble created has a lot of the crucial devices you would certainly require. It's been made to make sure that the devices can run from a USB drive. However, they no more disperse the toolkit themselves, yet you can possibly locate a duplicate in other places.


Technibble additionally has great deals of testimonials of sysadmin devices.


2019-05-07 20:07:01