GPS optimization, is actually essential?

Some android customers are experiencing GPS troubles ; are applications similar to this actually valuable and also secure for all tools?

What do you advise for a 2.2 tool?

2019-05-13 02:11:30
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It would certainly rely on the tool. Some tools have/had some actual significant concerns with their GPS. The Galaxy S is just one of them. It can take 10 secs for it to get a GPS lock or it can take a min (or perhaps extra).

If you never ever have any kind of concerns with your tool, after that I would not advise running an application similar to this. If you can get a GPS lock within a couple of secs approximately and also it is exact, after that I would certainly claim simply leave it alone.

2019-05-17 11:45:51

No suggestion what that application does.

If your GPS isn't securing as quickly as you like, one alternative is to redownload the GPS aid information. An application like "GPS Status" can do this for you. Below is a QR code for it.

2019-05-17 11:24:33