Is there a means to get Android Market on galaxy s?

Just how can I get the android market on a Galaxy S on on the Turkish service provider Turkcell. I assume that Google is lack in Turkey as a tax obligation paying entity might be why the android market is missing out on.

Exists a means of sideloading the android market? Otherwise, can you route me to a ROM that does (ideally Gingerbread)?

P.S. It have actually 2.1 mounted, and also the phone version number is GT - i9000

2019-05-13 02:11:57
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The Android Market is on the Galaxy S, it is a Google - accepted tool.

Edit : Since you aren't on Froyo currently I advise obtaining it via Kies Mini, download from : That need to have the marketplace given that it is not via your service provider. You have a GT - i9000, so you can additionally attempt a JPX - based ROM similar to this one:

2019-05-17 10:50:47

I think it is a service provider details concern. Attempt the remedy recommended here or here.

2019-05-17 10:50:03

First you require to see to it that you have actually backed every one of your information up, due to the fact that the next procedure WILL HARD RESET YOUR CELL . There will certainly be no rooting or anything in the adhering to actions.

  1. if your phone is readied to 12 hrs layout, modify your setups back to 24 hrs layout (Settings - - > Date and also Time - - > check 24 hr layout)

  2. Go to your keypad, as if you are mosting likely to call a number, after that call *# 272 *XXXX # PLEASE MIND that those Xs are not letters they stand for time, as an example if it is 23: 15 after that you call *# 272 *2315 #

  3. right after the previous action, and also without striking any kind of key, you will certainly get some alternatives afterwards, see to it you pick XSG after that install the marketplace.

  4. Right after the marketplace installment, you cell will instantly hard reset itself and also all of your information will certainly be cleaned.

  5. Restart your cellular phone you will certainly have your supply firmware throughout once more yet with Google is market which is it.

I've attempted this prior to btw, and also it functioned simply great.

2019-05-17 10:49:25