RAID - software program vs. hardware

I have actually constantly made use of hardware based RAID due to the fact that it (IMHO) gets on the appropriate degree (do not hesitate to challenge this), and also due to the fact that OS failings are extra usual to me than hardware concerns. Hence if the OS falls short the RAID is gone therefore is the information, whereas - on a hardware degree no matter OS - the information continues to be.

Nonetheless on a current Stack Overflow podcast they mentioned they would certainly not make use of hardware RAID as software RAID is much better created and also hence runs far better.

So my inquiry is, exists any kind of factors to pick one over the various other?

2019-05-07 02:50:13
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Software Raid is dependant on the OS. Hardware Raid is dependant on the card and also OS vehicle driver.

That is what it boils down to. It is really simple to get a substitute OS. Reinstall. A substitute raid card, specifically after a couple of years can be difficult.

Some raid cards will certainly hide the entire array from the OS yet the vehicle driver will certainly still recognize that it is raid. The most effective cards will certainly take care of all the reduced down things such as creating throughout disks, parity etc where as the most awful will certainly make the OS do every little thing.

The lower cards have a massive propensity to tinker the parity numbers and also get them incorrect. Visualize a couple of TB of information looking ok till you attempt to open it. Problem.

3ware cards are pricey yet pointless. The throughput rate is actually negative under high load on home windows and also will certainly virtually secure a system in linux if you enable nfs. Dell Perc cards (variation 5 and also 6) are wonderful nonetheless. The earlier ones ripped off a little bit on Raid 10.

2019-05-11 23:34:30

Software RAID has actually fallen short to do its work for me on a variety of celebrations, hardware RAID never ever has. That claimed, cheap hardware RAID is as even worse than excellent software program, invest a couple of ₤$ EUR to get excellent controllers.

2019-05-11 23:12:16

The solution is fairly various on Linux/Unix and also Windows. S/W RAID on Linux is better than Windows S/W RAID, which is restricted in its assistance for various formats and also really slow-moving (at the very least it gets on Windows 2003 web server). On Windows you are better off with H/W RAID in nearly every instance.

Software RAID on Linux and also Unix functions better than it does on Windows. This makes S/W RAID a practical selection on these systems, although on a bigger installment you will possibly be far better off with H/W RAID or a SAN.

2019-05-11 22:19:17

I've seen equipment RAID cards fall short and also obtain a whole array. You are most definitely including an additional solitary factor of failing with an equipment card, unless you're in a repetitive arrangement.

You need to realize that there's "equipment RAID" and afterwards there's HARDWARE RAID. Google "fakeraid" for even more details. Some "equipment RAID" cards in fact do really little RAID handling in the card, and also make use of personalized vehicle drivers to do the RAID estimations in software program, making use of the system's normal cpu. This can bring about weird outcomes. I had among these system (a Windows 2003 web server) start revealing different C and also D drives, as opposed to one C drive, due to the fact that something obtained overwhelmed someplace. That need to never ever be feasible with a real equipment RAID, as it looks like one physical drive to the system.

I have really little experience with software RAID. I've been prejudiced highly versus it in the past, yet am currently relocating in the direction of utilizing it, based upon points I've listened to below and also in other places. I would certainly take into consideration examining it for a future deployment.

On the various other hand, I've relocated far from any kind of sort of in - web server RAID to exterior RAID systems. Mostly all my web servers have actually absolutely no drives mounted. I'm in love with Xiotech systems, yet various other sorts of externals RAIDs have actually additionally offered me well. I've never ever (knocking on timber) shed information from one yet.

2019-05-09 04:43:55

I assume Jeff's experience with his RAID selections is to obtaining (and also counting) on crap/cheepest RAID controllers. "Wow, this RAID array does a billon gigaflops a 2nd and also I obtained it for ₤ 10 on!".

If you value your information - get an excellent, tried and tested, trusted RAID controller.

Also much better, get 2 (with fall short over)

Even much better, get with the 21st century and also get a committed exterior FC/ iSCSI linked disk array with constructed in mistake resistance/ ZSPOF - twin course, twin RAID, RAID6 or 10 (or 20 or 50), and also warm spares.

Yes, it's pricey. Yet just how pricey would certainly it be if the whole SO website was trashed.

2019-05-08 23:45:29

I favor HW raid, 'cause if you need to draw excellent disks out of a dead equipment you're not restricted to the OS arrangement of the raid "array".

You do maintain back-ups of your RAID controllers config, do not you?

So simply load that up on a benefactor equipment, port in the drives (in the appropriate order! You did classify your drives prior to your drew them right?) and also reactivate on a tidy OS and also your information is recouped.


(You do backup your DATA drives, right?)

2019-05-08 23:40:50

I favor software RAID.

Software RAID has the large benefit of not being linked to a certain set of equipment. As an example, I've had controller and/or mainboard failings which cause loss of the array.

Today's CPUs are plenty quickly sufficient to take care of parity on RAID - 5 versions. I've additionally never ever had any kind of concern with bus saturation from numerous simultaneous reviews.

2019-05-08 23:37:28

It depends. For straightforward matching circumstances, I favor software RAID, due to the fact that as Jason W claimed, you can constantly remove among the drives and also stick it in an additional equipment.

For various other circumstances (RAID 0, RAID 5, or RAID 10), a solitary drive isn't much usage by itself anyways, so I favor equipment RAID.

No matter (and also I claim this with all due regard and also love individuals), you should not make your choices based upon what Stackoverflow - - a team of software program individuals - - has actually or hasn't done.

2019-05-08 22:04:38

A vital factor to consider is integrity ; ultimately, both the hardware RAID and also the software RAID are simply software program executions of the algorithm. Consequently both are at risk to pests in software program.

After years of running software RAID arrangements in Linux I've never ever faced a bug that created information loss. Yet I've seen numerous instances of full information loss in a really pricey hardware RAID from a trustworthy supplier.

2 lessons to pick up from this :

  • RAID is not a back-up approach.
  • Even if it's in hardware is no warranty that it functions appropriately.
2019-05-08 14:18:20

Hardware RAID controllers generally feature battery backed RAM cache which quickens write procedures, also when making use of software RAID, so if I can, I constantly attempt to get equipment RAID with battery cache, and also than run software RAID in addition to it if controller firmware isn't approximately job.

2019-05-08 13:59:10