How can I deal with smothered audio on my Samsung Galaxy S?

I lately acquired a i9000 and also the voice top quality over the microphone is dreadful. The audio is smothered. Individual beyond of the line can not construct what I'm claiming. Exists a solution?

2019-05-13 02:14:55
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Answers: 1
  1. Pop off the back cover and also see to it there is not a sticker label or anything over the audio speaker or mic.
  2. You can attempt Voodoo Sound. It is a personalized bit for SGS tools yet if you do not intend to mess around with that you can simply attempt the Voodoo Control app, it can do some renovations without the bit. (If you do make use of the bit you actually require the application too.)
  3. Or else, I would certainly think it is an equipment trouble and also you need to get a substitute.
2019-05-17 11:19:18