Tiling Posters on a Wall

I'm a noob, and also I'm not a mathematician (Although I will certainly be a Math significant next term). My inquiry is:

I have 68 maps I would love to make use of as posters on my wall surface in the house. They are all rectangular shapes, and also all various measurements. Exists an algorithm (or even better, an internet site or various other straightforward computer system program I can make use of) to take the measurements of all these posters as input and afterwards calculate the optimum tiling setup on the wall surface so there is little as feasible "thrown away" void?

2019-05-13 02:15:26
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Answers: 2

You are trying to address what is described as a "packaging trouble". It is usually a tough trouble but also for your instance I assume that the existing approaches will certainly function. Attempt looking below:


It appears he has actually currently coded something. If it is not what you desire, google "rectangular shape packaging" and also I'm certain you'll face something.

2019-05-17 10:45:50

This trouble is called 2 - dimensional container packaging, and also some formulas for this trouble can be located below:


2019-05-17 10:44:25