As a Terran, what is an excellent counter to very early Mutalisks?

I constantly appear to have problem versus Zerg as Terran, yet ESPECIALLY if there are a mass of very early Mutas harrasing me. I recognize Marines are wonderful versus them yet that is unsatisfactory, due to the fact that they aren't as mobile as the Mutas and also unless that is their only device I can not actually simply rely upon the quantity of Marines it would certainly take as I require to construct various other devices. Nonetheless Vikings I've understood virtually draw versus Mutas regarding I can inform. I listened to Thors are excellent yet that is not practical for very early video game.

Any person?

2019-05-13 02:16:05
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Obviously Missile Turrets simply aren't adequate, as they are made to stop bug (3 - 4 Muta) and also not bigger presses. A lot of individuals will certainly inform you Thors are the solution, and also with their incentive to light and also aoe this seems reasonable.

Allow is take a minute to consider this. Mutalisk vs Thor.

First I'm mosting likely to require to draw in some numbers from a spreadsheet. We can see that Mutalisks get 8.15 dps and also Thors get 16 dps vs light air. So currently Thors have a benefit. In addition, with dash, the Thor strikes greater than one Muta at once. So this practical presumption appears to stand up quite possibly.

Allow us act we are Jane Goodhall for a minute and also observe this pair up in the wild. I take place to have an excellent suit : Sen vs Demuslim (you can quickly onward to 10 mins in).

Oddly the Marine/Thor combination appears to pass away out to a pure Muta strategy. Currently component of this can be credited to Sen is superb play, yet Demuslim is a great gamer to make sure that can not be the factor (where as Sen can stomp me with any kind of device). So why are thors passing away?

Well Sen will certainly strike with Muta proportions of 4 :1 or 5 :1, well past the price proportion. Demuslim never ever appears to be able to area sufficient Thors. This is greatly an outcome of the Thor is lengthy construct time (contrasted to Muta appearing of Hatcheries), and also slow-moving rate. Demuslim attempts to match this with dropships, yet those are extra price without actual fight advantage. What is even more Demuslim is pushed into making slow-moving presses versus a really mobile Zerg pressure. Comparative, its really simple for Sen to construct a great deal of developments and also simply get gas out of them, permitting an extra gas hefty pressure (bear in mind gas is our restricting reality for structure).

I will not wreck completion of the suit, yet at least we can see that Thors appear to pass away out to Mutalisks beyond the 30 vs 90 circumstance.

So what is a Terran to do?

Well you can match your Thors with SCVs, yet what you actually require is extra damages. The good news is sufficient there is a really economical means for Terran to get even more damages. Militaries! Stimmed Marines are really reliable vs Mutalisks. What is even more they have no added gas price. What is even more those Medivacs that you are lugging Thors around in actually enhance the survivability of those Marines. The most effective component is, there is no Terran approach which does not permit very easy manufacturing of Marines. I would certainly additionally add that structure Turrets is a really economical means to reduce a Mutalisk strike and also offer your Marine/Thor pressures time to get involved in placement.

Ultimately, its worth keeping in mind that the first 2 factors of shield do double job versus Mutalisks as they lower bounce damages too.

I created this solution prior to Idra vs Tarson in IEM when Idra launching the "Magic Box." The Magic Box is a strategy that Zerg can make use of to maintain Mutalisks expanded as the involve Thors to decrease dash.

To execute the "Magic Box" you do the following:

  1. Group your Muta and also send them to an area
  2. Tell your Muta to Stop S
  3. Wait till your Mutalisks expanded, they'll be much adequate apart regarding take NO Thor dash
  4. Move M (do not Attack Move) to the Thor
  5. Tell your Muta to Stop S or Hold H over the Thor

Note : that Thors will certainly do a great deal of damages to Muta without dash, nonetheless, this need to dramatically increase the Muta survivability.

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I initially created this blog post to disprove the suggestion that Thors tough counter Mutalisks. In my thrill to do so I neglected to give a great counter : Ghosts.

Once more allow me give watching materia : Jinro vs Blank.

Its worth keeping in mind that all Zerg devices are organic and also hence the Ghost capacity "Snipe" works versus every one of them. Nonetheless, Ghost dps is rather reduced (6.67) and also just actually boosts vs light (13.33) and also are in fact even more inexpensive vs Mutalisks than Thors (however at lower hp). Nonetheless, what actually makes them job is that "Snipe." Snipe deserves 45 hp (experiences shield) for 25 power, which suggests a complete Ghost can Snipe 3.6 Mutalisks well worth of damages (at just 1.5 the price). What is even more Ghosts have a much faster construct time (40s vs the Thor is 60s) ; are constructed out of Baracks (so synergize perfectly with MMM play) ; can be recovered by Medivac ; and also also go unseen to get the dive. Ultimately, when contrasted to Marines, Ghosts are NOT light (they have no shield type) and also have 100 hp (two times the hit factors), so aren't as at risk to banelings (however are really weak versus Muta right into Roach).

2019-05-17 17:49:27

Built Missile Turrets around your SCVs and also Command Center

for the remainder you need to be constructing even more Marines, given that if he has the ability to get a great deal of Mutalisks, you need to have the ability to get a great deal of Marines. You are possibly concentrating way too much on Tech updating or constructing Factories and also such.

Bear in mind though! This approach relies on your challengers play design and also if he makes use of a various approach than mass Mutalisks, you could be in problem. Though Marines, Marauder and also Medivacs is never ever a negative suggestion!

2019-05-17 11:32:21

I would certainly advise adhering to marines and also turrets at your mineral lines as a very early protection, yet if he is actually going mass mutalisk changing to thors will certainly be your best choice. Zerg is teching is in fact the slowest in the video game, so you can get thors around the very same time as zerg can get mutalisks if you see it coming. At least you need to have the ability to start obtaining them out prior to he has sufficient mutalisks to conquer your turrets and also marines. If you are actually captured unsuspecting without adequate air defenses however, you can constantly attempt a counterattack with what you need to compel the mutalisks back residence to safeguard while you rise some anti - air.

2019-05-17 11:29:19

Going to select "Don't allow the challenger get them" yet I will certainly take it an action better than the majority of like clarify.

A zerg mosting likely to very early mutalisks will certainly do a couple of points. To start with, he will certainly spend all/most of his gas right into the Lair (100 gas) and also apex (200 gas). Not just will he have actually made use of a lot of his gas on these points, he will certainly be conserving 100 gas per mutalisk he intends on structure. If he takes care of to conserve concerning 700 gas (a LOT of gas specifically very early video game), he will certainly have the ability to change 7 mutalisks as quickly as the apex is full.

Due to the fact that he NEEDS to conserve a lot gas to get a suitable variety of mutalisks beforehand, he will certainly not have actually invested as much gas on his pressures. We can think that he has really couple of or no roaches/banelings, and also unupgraded zerglings. Capitalize on this.

He is additionally unbelievably at risk while his apex is changing. Due to the fact that:

  1. he has actually needed to conserve 200 minerals and also 200 gas on this structure
  2. He is possibly conserving his larvae+infused larvae to change right into mutas. This is widely vital. This suggests that he is devoted to not constructing any kind of various other devices.
  3. He is conserving 100 minerals and also 100 gas per muta he is intending on changing

We can think that he is without a doubt intending on changing greater than 2 - 3 mutalisks. This is due to the fact that mutalisks are just reliable in bigger numbers.

Yet this is all pointless if you do not also recognize if your challenger is mosting likely to construct mutalisks. Technique looking. Precursor with an employee at 10 or 13 supply, do not hesitate of blowing a scanner move if you have nothing else alternatives. Strike with your pressures to see what his military is made up of, attempt to get involved in his base much sufficient to see points. Your first air device is additionally unbelievably valuable as a precursor.

One of the most vital inquiry you can ask on your own while playing (any kind of video game) is: "What is my challenger mosting likely to do?"

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