SEO strategies to take care of structures

I have a page which has a topbar extending throughout the leading and afterwards the web content in a structure listed below. The web content gets on a various subdomain (i.e. the web page goes to yet the web content structure at

When individuals look for the website on Google the link is usually to the web content subdomain (i.e. as opposed to which has the topbar, which they need to be required to rather.

What are the most effective techniques for managing this? We are applying a redirect that will certainly take the customer to if they go straight to, yet I needed to know if there were any kind of SEO strategies we need to be using such as robots.txt or approved website tags to stop the web content subdomain being indexed and also connected to from internet search engine. Obviously, we do not intend to shed ranking as a result of any kind of strategies we use.

2019-05-13 02:16:43
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By making use of structures you are currently preventing your SEO initiatives as structures are not SEO pleasant (and also it is not wonderful for usability or access which is no coincidence).

Having claimed that your best choice is to examine to see if the web page is being filled beyond a structure and afterwards do a 301 redirect to the mounted web page. That will certainly inform the internet search engine that the mounted web page is the proper web page and also to neglect the unframed variation.

A far better remedy is to ditch the structures and also make use of web server side includes of some type to take care of the automated incorporation of your topbar.

2019-05-17 12:19:38

As John claimed, structures are rather negative for SEO. You are currently doing a redirect which is ALRIGHT from a customer is perspective, yet the internet search engine possibly will not see that. My suggestions:

  1. Put a link on the within web page to the wrapper web page, with target="_top" in instance customers click it. That need to at the very least factor a little "link juice" to the correct web page.
  2. Add a canonical tag to the within web page also. This currently functions cross - domain name to make sure that could stem the trouble.
  3. Locate all web links to the within web page and also attempt to get them transformed when possible.
  4. Add extra web links to the wrapper web page from various other areas to attempt and also get it ranking far better.

It is a really uphill struggle, due to the fact that the wrapper web page does not have any kind of actual web content, just the internal web page does. You are dealing with a shedding fight actually, and also should certainly locate a means around the structure alternative.

2019-05-17 12:10:57