Hostmonster can not transform domains around?

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Horrible title, yet I could not consider a concise means to summarize it to fit.

I have HostMonster for my web hosting. I have numerous domain under the very same account (making use of the very same internet room, IP address, etc). Every HM account has actually one domain name set up as the "major domain name", and also all various other domains are "second".

The only means I have actually ever before experienced this being a concern remains in attempting to make use of HTTPS - given that (from my minimal understanding) HTTPS secures headers, you can not course HTTPS demands to various digital hosts on a web server - just unencrypted demands, given that it has to search in the demand to recognize where to course it.

When I signed up for my account, I just had one domain (A). I have actually given that included domain (B), (C), (D), and so on. At one factor I switched over domain (B) to be my "major" domain - so I can make use of HTTPS with it. I have actually given that marketed domain (B), and also would love to make domain (A) my "major" one once more (as it was prior to), yet HM sustain claims, "no, as soon as a domain has actually been a 'major' domain on an account as soon as, we can not set it approximately be a 'major' domain once more. You rate to make use of domains (C), or (D), however.". They inform me the only means to recycle domain name (A) as a "major" domain name would certainly be to set up a new account and also transfer over all my documents.

I'm perplexed below. If I have domains (D), (E), and also (F), they claim I'm welcome to make one of them my new major domain, simply never ever (A) once more, given that I've currently "made use of" it as soon as. Phone call to sustain just disclose that they can not allow me do it due to the fact that doing so would certainly in some way "damage" my account.

Can any person consider any kind of excellent reason that this should be so? The only point I can assume is that possibly they are making use of the domain as type in some data source or something? Yet if that holds true, that is ludicrous - they require to restructure their data sources!

2019-05-13 02:18:29
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It seems like HM is running into a constraint in their organizing automation software program. Add domain names are commonly set up first as subdomains for the moms and dad domain name, and afterwards aliased using CNAME and also digital host instructions in the internet server is arrangement. So of course, you are proper, changing them about is totally feasible. This is additionally why 'add' domain names are generally a negative suggestion, and also not even if they take a couple of added lookups to settle.

Nonetheless, changing them about in such a way that is reasonable with their control board/ automation software program (this in fact advises me of an old C - Panel problem) could not be feasible for them, yet that does not dismiss various other opportunities:

  1. They can replicate your documents to a refuge and also re - make your account the means you desire it
  2. They can pass this concern to their supplier for a remedy
  3. They can move domain names independently to different organizing accounts

To put it simply, there is enough possibility for them to not just remedy this concern, yet additionally market an upgrade. It is flawlessly appropriate for them to claim "The ideal means to do this is upgrade you to an x - y - z account, where every one of your domain names have different controls, this will certainly remove the trouble in the future"

I would certainly try to get to some sort of manager on their end and also see if you can get some type of resolution.

2019-05-17 14:54:40