How Can I Increase the Probability of a Mystery Room Appearing in the Item World?

In Disgaea 2, there anything I can do to increase the chance of a Mystery Room showing up when I experience the Item World?

2019-05-13 02:19:44
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Well, as Artless indicated, Mystery Rooms turn up every 3 floorings.

Can you increase the chance that turns up on every 3 floorings? No. The opportunity is dealt with.

You can, nonetheless, "fix" on your own a 100% chance if you have an extra Mr. Gency is Exit. As soon as you have actually gotten rid of 3 floorings (in which the first flooring had a Mystery Gate), after that the next flooring is qualified for a Mystery Gate if it isn't an employer flooring. If you do not get a Mystery Gate when you first enter that flooring, after that make use of the Mr. Gency is Exit to leave the Item World, and also conserve your video game. Upon your go back to the Item World, the flooring will certainly transform, and also a new opportunity for a Mystery Gate is rolled. If this additionally falls short, after that you refill your conserve and also attempt once more. It generally does not take that several shots, the opportunity isn't specifically reduced.

If you are attempting to make best use of a thing by obtaining every Mystery Gate, you are mosting likely to require a great deal of doors and also a great deal of perseverance. So see to it to conserve up!

2019-12-01 22:49:49

Seems to take place after every 3 floorings (clear or miss).

Below is the wiki web page for it:

2019-05-17 19:01:58