Is it feasible to transform a Linux box to LVM after the reality?

My Linux web server makes use of LVM due to the fact that I change the equipment a year earlier and also mounted from square one. LVM has actually been a life saver and also I enjoy its adaptability. My Linux laptop computer, nonetheless, was last totally mounted 3 years earlier, and also hence makes use of straight dividings.

Is it feasible - - without a reinstall - - to transform an existing system to LVM? If so, what devices can do this work?

I anticipate that any kind of filesystems to be shown to Windows on a twin - boot system can not be LVM. If I am incorrect, please allow me recognize, yet I would certainly be stunned.

2019-05-13 02:21:42
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You have a numerous years of age installment on a laptop computer. It is a shedding suggestion to transform it to LVM. Back-up your information, reinstall, and also replicate your information back. You will certainly have a tidy system with new software program, and also your information.

If you can not do this due to the fact that you do not recognize where your information is, you have a large trouble and also this is your opportunity to address it.

2019-05-30 23:58:13

Starting from the lower : no, windows can not read LVM sensible quantities (dividings).

If you have an extra disk that can be made use of as short-lived storage space the it is simply an issue of starting from a real-time CD, replicating the information to the short-lived area, developing several LVs and also placing the information back. It is not practical (yet feasible) to do an in - area conversion to LVM ; you primarily need to reduce the old dividing and also resize the the LV numerous times (and also the last LV would certainly be fragmented)

2019-05-17 19:32:18

You will possibly need to backup the information to an additional drive or dividing (or iso?), create the LVM container, and afterwards recover the information to the container.

2019-05-17 19:28:19

The most convenient means to relocate a linux system to LVM is to make use of an exterior disk (USB, eSATA) and also a CD - ROM based system like grml to relocate away all information from the COMPUTER to the exterior disk, after that re - dividing the COMPUTER with LVM. Ultimately duplicate every little thing back and also set up and also re - install grub to the MBR.

This procedure is a little entailed, yet you constantly have the information on the exterior drive and also the CD - ROM too your system.

As you appropriately anticipate, Windows is unable to access any kind of LVM quantities.

2019-05-17 18:33:01

Yes, this can be done.

Yes, you can utilize it for a twin - boot windows system, given you make Windows the first dividing, and also it is a key dividing (not an expanded inside a sensible). My guidelines below do not cover this scenario, which needs you have some experience managing twin booting. If you desire a twin - boot windows/linux arrangement, do not adhere to any kind of suggestions listed below this factor.

I'll go one far better : with just a couple of exemptions, you need to have the ability to move your whole laptop computer live , given you make use of an exterior drive with adequate ability.

Caution! This proceedure is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS! It thinks you have intimate expertise of the dividing procedure, you have a different/ boot dividing, and also you recognize a messed up effort can leave you with a mind - harmed installment THAT WON'T BOOT! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

You'll require:

  • / boot situated on a different dividing. If you have a mixed origin filesystem (everyting is packed right into/) after that this will not function.
  • The capacity too from a USB disk drive.
  • an exterior drive huge sufficient to hold every one of the information and also programs on your existing system. Make certain to run a "du/" and also await completion outcome, to get an actual feeling for the sort of room you'll require.

General Procedure (forgive me for absence of a couple of commands, I'm creating this really promptly):

  1. Attach the exterior drive and also situate its tool name. Allow is make believe that you see it as/ dev/sdb.
  2. Create a 2 dividings on your exterior drive. In our instance, this will certainly turn up as/ dev/sdb1 and also/ dev/sdb2.

    split/ dev/sdb

  3. Format the first dividing as ext2 or ext3, and also classified "boot". Format the 2nd dividing on the exterior drive as type "Linux LVM".

  4. Get the freshly produced LVM quantity identified by the system making use of

    pvscan ; vgscan

  5. Carve off a huge - adequate portion of the exterior LVM quantity to hold the whole laptop computer is disk drive. If doubtful, simply make use of every one of the room readily available.

  6. Format your LVM - based quantity as ext3 or whatever filesystem pleases your fancy.

    mke3fs/ dev/ExternalUSBVolume/ExternalRoot

  7. For each non - unique documents system place, create a directory site on your exterior disk and also duplicate (with features) every one of your documents in each place to that disk. Overlook duplicates of mountpoints like/ proc, etc as these are "unique".

  8. create the unique mountpoints by hand, to make sure that they feed on your exterior drive. Do not inhabit them, simply see to it the names and also approvals match.
  9. (Very meticulously) utilize your bootloader to install a boot photo on your exterior drive, right into the/ boot dividing. This procedure is a little bit intricate so I'll leave it to you to locate the details in other places. It is additionally unsafe if you bungle it - you can wind up attempting to overwrite your bootloader on your laptop computer drive. Take care.
  10. Restart your laptop computer. When it is experiencing the POST, make certain to define the exterior drive as your boot drive. Now in time, you need to have a (extra - or - much less) near - reproduction of your laptop computer is drive. (to the various other admins around : yes, I recognize, the log documents and also others are not in a 100% replicated state, yet that is not the focus below ... it gets on obtaining the information and also devices conformed ...)
  11. Once you can boot from the exterior drive, you can after that utilize it to clean your laptop computer drive. Now, you are "enduring of" your exterior drive. Maintain this in mind.
  12. After that make use of a dividing editor - gparted or whatever - to delete the initial laptop computer dividings (bye - bye information ...), after that note your freshly - produced location as "LVM". Experience the procedure of obtaining your LVM quantity identified, separated, formatted, etc
  13. Using LVM is matching procedure, mirror your real-time system (which is presently on the exterior drive) back to the laptop computer drive. Take a lunch break (or 2) for this as it will certainly require time.
  14. Remount the real-time filesystem, relocating the/ filesystem from the exterior drive to your laptop computer LVM quantity.
  15. Re - run your bootloader installment procedure. This is essential as the existing ramdisk will certainly not have the appropriate setups and also will certainly not recognize you've relocated points about. Falling short to do this will certainly cause an unbootable system and also a browse through to a rescue disk. If all else falls short, you can boot from your exterior drive once more (absolutely nothing shed ...)
  16. Reboot the laptop computer without the exterior drive affixed, and also defining the laptop computer is inner drive rather. It needs to boot penalty. Keep in mind anything that really feels or looks pain or damaged (there should not be anything), and also repair it.
  17. Unwind and also appreciate a drink for a work well done.
2019-05-17 18:09:53