Linux network solutions

I'm attempting to encourage a class to learn more about several of the usual sorts of solutions that are worked on Linux systems, points like httpd, ssh, ftp, and so on. What solutions should I educate? What would certainly be one of the most intriguing to the pupils while still being straightforward adequate to function as an initial training device?

2019-05-07 02:51:50
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What do you suggest by "linux solution"? My hunch is that you suggest run a class concerning several of the solutions commonly work on Linux equipments - - DNS, e-mail, internet offering - - in which instance your courses aren't around Linux, they're concerning net framework.

That is your target market? Are they CS pupils, Windows admins, enthusiasts, designers? If they recognize absolutely nothing concerning the net and also desire be sysadmins or network admins after that DNS is a respectable area to start ; it's basic to most various other solutions and also conveniently forgotten. Educate them just how the name resolution system functions, just how information is (primarily) decentralized and also what troubles they can anticipate to see.

Very same goes with HTTP and also email : educate them what takes place when you type URL right into an internet browser or just how your e-mail locates its means to them.

As soon as you've exercised that you're educating and also to what finishes you can identify just how to encourage them. If you're educating CS pupils probably it would certainly be an excellent suggestion to demonstrate how failings in the net framework need to be taken care of by software program, or (possibly going OT) just how formulas are made use of in the modern-day net (ie OSPF makes use of Dijkstra's algorithm to develop course weights).

2019-05-09 00:42:29

I assume, such as a lot of training, there will certainly be 3 teams of pupils :

  • the pupils that grok it. Inform them to go sector a network and also area a firewall program in between the areas and also they'll ask "should I make it IPv4 or IPv6?"
  • The pupils that will certainly stumble via whatever
  • The pupils that will certainly do it if you ignite their passion

So I'm mosting likely to target the 1st and also 3rd by claiming make it cool down . For the 2nd ... well they'll need to do it if they desire a quality.

So relying on what solution you intend to target, select something trendy in it, and also get them to do that.

  • Squid? Get it running Upside-Downternet for the whole network
  • DHCP? Sector the netwrok right into 10.0.x.x and also 10.1.x.x and afterwards have them make use of shorewall (I locate it a lot less complicated than iptables) to sector the network and also have the upside - down manuscript just influence component of it
  • Firewalls? DoS a computer system or the web server. Brute - pressure a password. Inform them to set up a regulation so you can not access it to do that.
  • DNS? Have them reroute any person seeing facebook to a few other website. Reroute google to live.msn
  • FTP? Have them set it up, after that do some package - smelling, swipe a documents, and afterwards have them set up SFTP. Very same with telnet and also SSH
2019-05-08 09:58:45