Shoutcast Stream not running in Android Browser - File Is Not Supported Error

I have android phone and also I am attempting to run adhering to public Shoutcast stream in my phone. Nonetheless, it is not functioning and also when I open it ; it offers me mistake "File Is Not Supported".

This is really weird given that In Android 2. 2 and also greater, I assume shoutcast streaming is default and also does not call for any kind of added application to play them. I have actually undergone net and also have adhering to inquiries.

  1. Is android by default play shoutcast stream in internet browser and also does not call for any kind of added application or anything? If anything needed after that can any person please give information?

  2. Any kind of setups called for in my phone to play it by default given that if it is called for after that I can do it? Like see to it that.pls documents are played in default media gamer or something?

  3. I have listened to a whole lot concerning "Tunewiki" and also "Streamfurious" so do I require it to install any kind of application or winamp in my phone prior to I can play this shoutcast streams?

  4. Any kind of setups called for in shoutcast stream production so as to get it played in android, I have window based stream with variation 1.9.5?

I run out idea now and also any kind of aid will certainly be substantially valued. Additionally can any person examine this URL in their android and also allow me recognize if it runs and also if of course, after that it runs in internet browser or in a few other means?



I simply attempted the listen.pls opened up in new Motorola touch screen, Android 2.2. It open the default gamer yet after that no streaming is done or absolutely nothing is played. It is simply opening up yet playing absolutely nothing.

Can any person simply validate that Shoutcast stream will not work with any kind of android phone internet browser till i install Winamp?

And also intend i install it and also i open listen.pls in internet browser, will it instantly enter winamp to play or will I require to do any kind of setup?

2019-05-13 02:25:31
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I think you require to install Winamp or an additional Shoutcast - streaming customer.

2019-05-17 12:35:14