Google AdSense crawler is algorithm and also actions

I am intriguing in Google AdSense crawler is algorithm and also actions with internet site. I did not collaborate with AdSense and also I do not have account. So I require your aid to recognize:

1) Google is crawler periodically downloads all web pages from internet site. Am I right?

2) Google is crawler does not recognize vibrant web content (filled by Ajax). So I must create fixed web content and also return it within HTML web page and also this web pages must show the same web content for all customers and also for Google crawler?

3) Because of (1) and also (2) I can not make use of just origin course with some "major" widget. I must create one-of-a-kind web pages as an example

4) Gbot downloads web pages (1) for ordering (indexing) search phrases from them and afterwards store (on it is web servers) these details as an example by key/value (where key is web page course, value is tag cloud). Am i right?

5) When internet site has actually been opened up in internet browser by customer. Integrated HTML AdSense is code lots some JavaScript. As I recognize by "Googling" this JavaScript do not index web page, yet makes call (with some parameter key = = page_path) to Google is web server and also obtains ideal advertisement links. After that reveals this advertisement links in it is structure. Is it appropriate actions? Possibly JavaScript makes some neighborhood indexing of web page is web content?

6) How Google is crawler and also AdSense is JavaScript collaborate with cookies? As I recognize AdSense can make use of cookies for show ideal advertisement links. If it is right, please offer me some make use of instances ;)

I recognize that "real" algorithm is recognized just by designers from Google. Yet several of you had experience with AdSense and also AdSense HTML/JavaScript. Please remedy my vision of it ;)

Thank you significantly for any kind of suggestions!!!

P.S. This inquiry is really vital for me. It is not some inquiry for enjoyable! So Please do not close it ;)

2019-05-13 02:25:46
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