How can I refill initial software program back to nexus one

I unlock my nexus one, and also compile and also install the ginger bread construct load to the phone. Today, I understand that it does not have all the google software program as an example gmail, map, market, etc

How can I reset my nexus one back to the initial froyo with all the google software program?

I have actually attempted 'manufacturing facility reset' yet it does not change back to android 2.2. Thanks for any kind of suggestion.


2019-05-13 02:26:14
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Answers: 2

Check out this string, Original ROM, which has to do with returning a Nexus One to an unmodded ROM.

2019-05-17 12:07:32

Is your phone additionally rooted? You can install ROM Manager, and afterwards Clockwork Recovery. ROM Manager has an alternative to blink a supply ROM back onto a phone (with or without origin standing).

Or you can experiment with CyanogenMod. CM7 nightlies simply began, so we need to see a secure variation quickly. (CM7 has actually Gingerbread with optional Google Apps. CM6 is Froyo.)

2019-05-17 12:00:42