Google Webmaster Tools: Adding web pages to Webmaster Tools by the mass

Is there a method of including internet sites wholesale to Google Webmaster Tools?

My host username and also password were hacked and also all of my websites were infused with destructive manuscripts. I've cleansed every little thing up yet the websites were d - detailed and also no more turn up in google search. I require to ask for testimonials for ~ 150 websites yet first I require to add them all to the web designer devices.

Any kind of non - laborious means of doing this?

2019-05-13 02:27:02
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You will certainly not just require to add the internet sites, you will certainly additionally require to add the web designer devices confirmation code per.

150 internet sites does not seem like a whole lot, you could invest a day doing it - yet it will certainly take you much less time than creating manuscripts to do it for you. If you have close friends that can aid - simply divided the job and also ask each of them to add the 50 - 75 internet sites on his checklist.

If you have 10,000+internet sites to add ... after that I would certainly recommend creating some manuscript to do it. But also for simply 150 by hand is generally much faster.

2019-05-17 14:49:09
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