Icons transforming screen postion

Every so usually I will certainly unlock my phone and also see an Icon is missing on my home screen. Upon more examination it appears that I can constantly locate it on the home screen to the left or right. My inquiry is : just how does this take place? I have actually attempted every little thing I can perhaps consider to duplicate relocating the symbol from screen to screen. It does not concern a certain symbol or symbol placement, it can occur with any one of them. Till lately I assumed this really did not influence widgets yet I saw it occur with the Google search bar ... It is not that large of a bargain due to the fact that I can promptly delete the symbol and also placed a new one on the correct home screen. I simply intend to recognize just how this is taking place, it has actually been taking place enough time and also regularly adequate to make assume it is not the phone yet something I am doing. I have actually changed my initial DROID 3 times given that I obtained it and also have actually seen this trouble given that 2.0 on my the initial one.

2019-05-13 02:27:18
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It is feasible that you are lengthy - pushing the symbol and afterwards gliding it over to the various other screen. This is additionally just how you can place it back where you desire it without removing and also re - including the icon/widget. Numerous times I've inadvertantly relaxed a finger on the key-board enough time to raise the food selection.

2019-05-17 11:46:35