Running a procedure with both reduced cpu and also I/O top priority on rhel4

I've find out about running a procedure under greater & lower top priorities for time, yet with various I/O top priorities, well that is information to me. My googles have actually returned details on devices like renice (I've recognize) and also ionice (information to me), yet ionice is out my system, RHEL4.

Inquiry: Does RHEL4 have devices that will allow me run a procedure with reduced IO top priority?

The factor I require this is that running possibly hefty jobs (like du or find/sed versus a multi - TB documents system) throughout active hrs (primarily waking hrs) on the manufacturing system can influence efficiency for 10s of mins or perhaps hrs. I would certainly instead do these whenever it matches me, as opposed to working overtime. Once more .

2019-05-13 02:28:30
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rhel4 is based upon bit 2.6.9. You'll require at least 2.6.13 to be able to use ionice, and also also then that needs you run your lun under the CFQ scheduler.

2019-05-17 11:28:03