Validating sitemap with Yahoo Explorer

I have a sitemap index on my internet site, which I efficiently confirmed with "Google web designers devices". The affirmations on top are:

   <sitemapindex xmlns:xsi=""

This index details 2 sitemaps. Among them has "photos" tags after making use of the schema declaration.

When sending this sitemap index to Yahoo traveler, I get mistake:

ERROR: FF_30000 “Not an accepted feed format file. Please consult the documentaiton for supported file formats.”

Any suggestions?


2019-05-13 02:30:05
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Answers: 1

It seems Yahoo and also Bing do not yet sustain photo sitemaps, which is why they are not confirming in Yahoo is Site Explorer.

To stay clear of obtaining the recognition mistake, you can position every one of your photo sitemaps in a 2nd sitemap index, and also just send that to Google via it is Webmaster Tools. This need to stop you from obtaining mistakes from any one of the various other internet search engine, and also would certainly still permit Google to make use of that sitemap for it is photo search.

2019-05-30 17:43:57