Just how do you detect a Windows COMPUTER that holds on closure?

I have a Vista x64 COMPUTER that hangs intermittantly at closure (on heaven closure screen). Occasionally it closes down generally; occasionally it remains on the closure screen for life.

However I do not recognize when this began, so I can not separate what software/driver is most likely to be the wrongdoer based upon installment day. I would certainly instead not clean this equipment if I can prevent it.

Any kind of pointers regarding just how to deal with detecting this concern?

Update - I'm not requesting for a person to detect this for me - instead I'm requesting for a set of basic strategies and also devices that I can make use of in future circumstances - I need to know just how to detect the trouble, in contrast to just how to deal with the trouble.

2019-05-07 02:54:12
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first I would certainly dismiss the extra usual reasons. I would certainly start with some computer system registry cleansing devices, startup/shutdown coordinators, and also a sniffer on an additional equipment in the LAN to see if the computer system holds on a network point when closing down. spybot s & g is possibly an excellent suggestion additionally.

2019-05-09 04:18:46

Go to management devices and also consider occasion logs, Look at the system tab and also after arranging by day and also time, find the last message prior to reboot.

An additional extra reliable means would certainly be to first closure the computer, Look at your watch/clock/time item at the factor you assume it has actually collapsed, after that reboot, search in the occasion log, in the system tab, type by time after that meticulously checked out the numerous procedures that are being closure. The mistake message need to exist.

If you are fortunate, it could be a "pre - traveler - closure" (my very own coining) procedure so if you start the job supervisor prior to you click closure, most likely to the procedures tab, type by cpu, after that click closure in the start expecting the procedure that is having all to oneself the cpu throughout closure. This is just functions if whatever is creating the procedure to crash is taking place within the covering.

Repairing is occasionally extra an art than a scientific research.

2019-05-09 02:39:51

Since you do not recognize when it began, I would certainly recommend disabling/uninstalling programs individually till you find the wrongdoer. It's rather slow-moving and also meticulous, yet you'll find it at some point.

I lately located ZoneAlarm to be the mistake on one equipment, yet I assume there are plenty of opportunities.

Possibly not mosting likely to be seen currently, yet I've bore in mind an added reason for closing down troubles. Occasionally a customer account can not be unloaded entirely - look at this Microsoft Support article for even more information.

2019-05-09 02:05:46

Examine the dump documents created by the OS. Microsoft gives a memory dump analyzer that will, most of the times, recognize the wrongdoer procedure. It's a free download with rather full guidelines and also instances readily available at microsoft.com.

2019-05-08 23:58:45