DoubleTwist sync falls short after Froyo Update

I upgraded my Galaxy S Captivate on Rogers to Froyo recently. Questioning whether the upgrade deserved it or otherwise. There is one point that is been actually irritating me given that I did the upgrade : DoubleTwist no more efficiently synchronizes tracks from iTunes onto my Galaxy. On my COMPUTER, I set up the playlists I intend to sync, and also inform it to go, and also it just synchronizes concerning 1/ 3 of the tracks, informing me that the others fell short with undefined mistakes, and also just 1 of the 5 playlists I picked seems able to play.

I've done manufacturing facility resets of my phone information two times currently, and also I additionally attempted to layout the inner SD card too (Settings - - > SD Card - - > Internal SD - - > Format SD card). Hasn't aided. I would certainly switch over to WinAmp, yet that is having it is very own troubles (it is not conserving when I transform the sync alternatives and also intends to place every one of my collection on the phone).

Any person seen this and/or recognize just how I can repair it. Also a lower degree log documents so I can get even more details as opposed to some undefined mistake would certainly be excellent.

Many thanks

2019-05-13 02:35:59
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I have doubleTwist and also needed to see their assistance discussion forum a couple of times for my Droid Incredible. I bumped into this when I saw your inquiry:

"Unknown error message for some songs" question on

Link for doubleTwist support forums

This website has actually confirmed valuable for doubleTwist inquiries, as the team, mediators, along with customers attempt to address your doubleTwist details troubles on this discussion forum. Not all inquiries get the answer yet it deserves looking and also attempting.

Hope this aids some

2019-05-22 18:19:47

After some unconnected examination today, I assume I recognize why I'm running into the mistake, yet I do not have a remedy to it.

It appears to me that when the phone is internal storage is placed making use of the Mass Storage setting, Windows just sees the first 2.2 GB of room. If I attempt to layout it making use of Windows, I just get an alternative to create a 2.2 GB FAT32 dividing. If I layout making use of the Captivate is formatting device, it develops a 13.03 GB dividing. Currently the enjoyable component:

The Captivate appears to be able to read/write from the entire 13GB dividing penalty. Nonetheless, Windows appears to be just to access the first 2GB of that 13GB dividing. While I can see all the documents detailed, attempting to read from documents that were developed after the first 2GB returns a mistake, and also attempting to replicate added documents from home windows to the internal storage once the 2GB restriction is gotten to cause a mistake.

I'll open a new inquiry concerning this to see if any person has a solution. Many thanks.

2019-05-19 17:27:11

Here are points I would certainly attempt:

  1. Clear DoubleTwist is cache
  2. Clear DoubleTwist is information
  3. Re - install DoubleTwist
2019-05-17 12:10:23