Software that makes numerous avi documents from miniature - DV tape

A couple of years earlier, I had a duplicate of Roxio DVD Builder variation 6 that I made use of to move video clips from my Mini - DV camera to my computer system. That variation of DVD Builder would certainly create numerous avi documents - one for every single time I stopped/started the electronic camera.

I quit making use of that camera for some time today have a new one and also I locate that the more recent variations of Roxio I have and also Windows Movie Maker all intend to move my video clip as one large avi documents (~ 15GB). Inside, I can access specific clips, yet the only means I can locate to damage the large avi documents right into tiny ones is to go individually via the clips and also conserve them. With 60 - weird clips per tape, that is way too much job.

So I'm asking yourself if there is any kind of Windows software program that acts the means my old Roxio v6 did - i.e. that moves the video clips as specific avis.

2019-05-13 02:38:12
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Answers: 2

Sony Vegas' capture software program can do this. Nonetheless, this could not be an alternative as a result of its rate.

Better choices are reviewed in this thread. Their suggestions is AVCutty and also DVdate. An additional software program with the ability of splitting your video clip is Exsate DV Capture Live .

2019-12-01 16:13:10

Adobe Premiere Elements will certainly suffice aswell.

2019-12-01 16:11:11