What is the an excellent mailing list manager/platform?

I keep a neighborhood Japanese discussion team and also we are obtaining large sufficient that we require to buckle down concerning an actual mailing list. What is an excellent remedy?

Excellent methods very easy, free, reduced - upkeep ... I'm presently on a mailing list (unconnected to the discussion team) that just confesses simple message messages ... I would certainly favor my mailing list to permit any kind of sort of e-mail. It would certainly behave if I really did not need to have a web server to take care of the checklist. I would love to supply the capacity to allow the customers read the e-mails independently or in digests.


2019-05-13 02:41:36
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Three offerings enter your mind:

MailMan - this is Open Source and also free. I assume it does HTML e-mails too and also I recognize it does the absorb e-mails if called for. Nonetheless, it is not an organized alternative so unless you can locate someplace to host it for you, after that this could not be the means onward.

Google Groups is a 2nd alternative which is free, organized and also does all things over, yet I do not recognize off the top of my head if you can send HTML e-mails with it conveniently.

Yahoo Groups is an additional one. Similar to the Google remedy, it does every little thing yet I do not recognize if it does HTML e-mails, so it could require some experimentation on your component.

2019-05-17 11:59:49