How can I make blogger insert <p> tags as opposed to <br> when making use of abundant full-screen editor?

I do not such as just how when I'm making use of the abundant full-screen editor in Blogger and also I push Enter it inserts a <br > as opposed to a <p>. Exists any kind of means to get the actions to transform? Or at the very least exists any kind of means to insert a <p> without switching over to the HTML tab?

I'm making use of Blogger in draft, incidentally. I attempted both the old editor and also the new one ; and also making use of Press "Enter" for line breaks as opposed to Use <br /> tags does not aid.

I additionally attempted disabling Convert Line breaks, which is called:

If Yes is picked, solitary tough - returns gone into in the Post Editor will certainly be changed with solitary <br /> tags in your blog, and also 2 tough - returns will certainly be changed with 2 tags (<br /><br />).

2019-05-13 02:43:06
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This actions isn't configurable. Both the existing editor, the draft editor and also the "old" editor make use of a mix of BR and also DIV tags when they need to be making use of P tags.

It is a mind boggling choice, and also it is entirely incorrect. It clarifies a great deal of the troubles with irregular paragraph providing in Blogger. Probably it operates in IE, yet it does not function continually in webkit internet browsers like Chrome and also Safari.

I assume the latest editor inserts 2 successive BR tags, yet the older one put a solitary DIV and also a solitary BR.

Microsoft's Windows Live Writer does points appropriately as kept in mind over. MarsEdit for OS X is much less regular, I assume if it begins with a Blogger authored blog post it obtains tag complication.

I feel your discomfort.

2019-05-31 08:55:07

One means is to merely make use of a various abundant full-screen editor. I've attempted Microsoft's Windows Live Writer which makes use of <p> as opposed to <br>.

2019-05-17 09:17:02