What linux circulation is Android based upon?

Did Google make use of some present circulation (Debian, Red Hat, etc) to create Android, or did they make use of the bare basics (kernel, documents system and also some required documents)?

2019-05-13 02:44:14
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Android shares really little bit with a regular Linux circulation. Actually, this is where Richard Stallman is "GNU/Linux" difference can be found in convenient-- Android isn't actually a Unix - like basic objective os with a Linux kernel. It is a new system which takes place to make use of the Linux kernel. This copulates to its very own personalized libc execution (called "Bionic"), which does not always try POSIX conformity.

This article from ZDNet covers a talk which offers a respectable review of the system, and also although it is a number of years of ages it is still primarily proper and also handy.

2019-05-17 13:47:54