RAID arrangement on ICH9R with 3xHDD for Windows and also Linux

I have a MSI P35 Neo2-FIR Motherboard with ICH9R raid chipset. It's not a real equipment RAID remedy, it calls for software program addon to function effectively. There are vehicle drivers for Windows and also dmraid/fakeraid for Linux.

I have 3 the same HDDs (ST3250410AS 250GB) for use. I require 1 dividing with information obtainable from Windows and also Linux (this set MUST get on RAID) and also at the very least 2 for systems.

What disc/raid format should I make use of? Defense of information (/ residence and also "Document and also Settings") is one of the most vital

2019-05-07 02:57:24
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If you just have 3 disk drives, your alternatives are :

  • Two drives in a raid 1 mirror, plus one added drive. You can make use of the added drive for back-up archives to make sure that if you delete a documents, you can recover it from the back-up.
  • 2 drives in a raid 0 red stripe, plus one added drive - the raid 0 will certainly have no redundancy, to make sure that's an unsafe alternative.
  • 3 drives in a raid 0 red stripe - no redundancy, to make sure that's unsafe
  • Three drives in a raid 5 red stripe - redundancy, yet not also rapid in regards to creates

If you can rise to 4 drives, after that you can have one large raid 10 (or 0 +1 red stripe) that will certainly offer you quickly reads/writes, plus redundancy throughout the entire point. That'll make one of the most feeling from an ease-of-management viewpoint.

The wikipedia write-up on RAID degrees is in fact fairly excellent :

2019-05-08 03:59:47