How to write web content that makes use of search phrase terms which are google stop words

The keywords for our website includes words which are google stop words


thank you

Is it far better to write this as:




or does it make any kind of distinction?

2019-05-13 02:46:35
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Answers: 2

Google is clever sufficient to recognize that "give thanks to - you" and also "thankyou" both suggest "thanks". So attempting to obfuscate it would certainly be meaningless.

Stop words are primarily so usual that attempting to rate web pages for them are rather meaningless. I would not be confident concerning acquiring positions for them straight. Rather I would certainly concentrate on different search phrases that are basic synonyms and also lengthy tail search terms that make use of those search terms.

2019-05-17 12:24:49

How do you recognize that words are stop words?

Stop words have a really details definition - below is Wikipedia's:

Stop words is the name provided to words which are removed before, or after, handling of all-natural language information (message).

I can run a Google look for thank you and also get pertinent outcomes and also when I run a search phrase device evaluation I see that the term "thanks" has around 4,090,000 month-to-month searches - that would not function if Google were filtering system these words.

2019-05-17 12:15:26