Kingston SV100S2/ 128G on MacBookPro 6,2 (late 2010) concern

  1. I simply updated the harddrive with the Kingston SSD (100V collection), did recover with Time Machine, quickly saw the battery does not appear to play wonderful, it bills, yet the moment price quote is fairly off. On a 100% complete cost, it reveals it can run reluctant of 3 hrs, with the computer system not doing anything. An additional point is it appears the battery drainpipe is insane quickly.

Does any person else have the same/similar concern?

an additional point is, I am running Snow Leopard, and also Trim assistance claims "no", yet it is sustained on my drive. is that regular?

2019-05-13 02:47:32
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OS X does not sustain the TRIM command (which is generally linked with the OS and also an NTFS quantity), nonetheless, a couple of benchmarking have evidently get to the verdict that OS X's performance with an SSD drive is not influenced like it remained in Windows (with TRIM Disabled).

To put it simply, Windows without TRIM endured substantial performance destruction with time. With TRIM, Windows succeeded.

OS X, on the various other hand, having no TRIM assistance, really did not endure the performance destruction to begin with. The intriguing write-up can be located here at little bit -

TLDR Version (and also I price estimate):

While we understand SSD performance is influenced by the OS - nevertheless, you require Windows 7 for TRIM assistance - but also for OS X not to deal with performance destruction when it is making use of an SSD appearing magnificent to the factor of being hard to think.

(Emphasis included)

TRIM apart, your battery trouble could be minimized by a couple of points and also there are a couple of referrals concerning just how to make it function much better under OS X.

The initial write-up is a post located here which I recommend you read for even more thorough details.


  • Modify Sleeping setting so it does not conserve the web content of RAM to drive when shutting the cover (if you do this and also remove the battery while in rest, you shed the ram materials and also will certainly need to reactivate your computer system).

  • Disk Drive Sleep : transform it off, SSD has no factor to head to rest.

  • Abrupt Motion Sensor : You can additionally disable this, an SSD has no relocating mechanical components that might be influenced in instance of an abrupt influence.

  • Enable noatime for SSD filesystems. This will certainly make the SSD write much less details. (If you're making use of FileVault see to it you read the write-up)

  • Spotlight : The write-up recommends disabling it if you do not utilize it, yet I would not do that.

In addition to all that, I advise you do a couple of points:

  1. Check this question and answers on this website concerning just how to recognize feasible CPU procedures that might be monopolizing your CPU and also consequently consuming your battery life.

  2. Execute a complete battery cycle cost. All the pertinent details remains in Apple's Battery Page, which is connected in this question on this website also, with some even more intriguing web links you could intend to adhere to.

To resolve your inquiry, it should not take place, as SSDs are generally extra power reliable than mechanical drives. I wager either limelight or time equipment are doing some job and also draining your battery life.

Attempt beginning your equipment in safe mode (tip : press ⇧ shift after the chime) and also check your battery life there. Do not neglect to execute the battery pointers prior to doing that.

2019-05-17 12:19:09