What's the first point you write when experimenting with a new language?

I assume every person has their very own program or set of attributes past "Hello World!", that they make use of when experimenting with a new language.

Mine is a presuming video game:

I'm thinking of a number 1-10, guess what it is!
Guess: 3
Nope, too low!
Guess: 7
Nope, too high!
Guess: 5
Yes, You win!
Play again (Y/N)? N

What do you write?

2019-05-07 02:57:54
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Answers: 6
  • Hello World
  • RSS Reader (This one generally strikes a great deal of the peaks without needing to bother with storage space or having an information resource ... feeds are almost everywhere)
  • Blog Engine (Now I generate information perseverance, given that I have every little thing else down.)
2019-05-12 11:26:34

adhered to by a really straightforward prime number generator, after that whatever gets on my mind at the time.

2019-05-11 17:03:53

I'll usually attempt to write a Tetris duplicate. It discuss a number of points, consisting of efficiency, UI, and also synchronization/timers/etc

Any language that can not make that simple is simply a plaything.

2019-05-10 10:17:21

Basically, I remodel the first year of CS :

  1. The first 40 - 50 Project Euler troubles to find out number handling.
  2. Some command - line energies to find out message handling.
  3. A program that entails a huge chart search (as an example a Klotski problem solver) to find out information taking care of and also optimization strategies (and also perhaps GUI).
  4. An interpreter for a language I currently recognize to find out every little thing else.
2019-05-10 08:32:33

It generally goes like this:

  1. Hello World
  2. Hello [customer inputted name ]
  3. A couple of troubles from Project Euler
  4. A connected checklist
  5. A straightforward blog site engine (either incurable or internet - based, relying on what language)
  6. And from there I study a task that I intend to work with (yet uncommitted if the layout obtains mangled as I discover my means via a new language).
2019-05-09 01:21:11

My really list

  • hello there globe
  • You claimed [something customer claimed ]!
  • (Big dive) An IRC crawler
  • Whatever else I'm interested in/paid to write
2019-05-08 01:19:18