HTTP Compression on IIS 6.0 (Windows Server 2003)

There are several points you need to do/consider when you intend to enable HTTP compression on IIS 6.0 (Windows Server 2003).

Can someone please give a thorough checklist of the activities you need to absorb order to enable HTTP compression effectively?

2019-05-07 02:58:05
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To validate that compression functions, you can make use of Firefox with Firebug and also YSlow plugins, they will certainly show compression standing for each and every part (html, javascript, css).

Additionally, in order to examine each compression method (gzip/deflate) you can modify the" network.http.accept - encoding " choice in Firefox (default value is" gzip, deflate ")

2019-05-08 21:41:03

I experimented with obtaining this set - up on our server (IIS 6) and also while allowing it was rather straightforward, it really did not offer us as much control over it as I required. I wound up acquiring httpZip from port80 Software. It made it unimportant to enable and also configure it. It resembles IIS 7 is better concerning this.

2019-05-08 14:28:36

Does any person recognize just how you TEST if your IIS6 web server is sending out whized web content?

Exists a "examination your internet site" website around that can inform you ??

Can you make use of Firefox to inform you (firebug or a few other plug in?)


Using YSlow with FireBug. Click the "parts" tab and also it reveals raw and also gzipped dimensions.

2019-05-08 12:07:18