SEO for e - business, just how to maintain links in each web page to a practical number?

After reviewing this: "Keep the links on a given page to a reasonable number" [Googkle main website ]

And this: "Users often dislike link-heavy pages too, so before you go overboard putting a ton of links on a page, ask yourself what the purpose of the page is and whether it works well for the user experience." [Matt Cutts main blog site ]

I'm asking yourself just how to maintain links on an offered web page to a practical number for a common e - business website , in order to make Google satisfied also.

Generally these sort of websites has a left menu loaded with all the products/articles in the store magazine separated by categories/sub - groups. Each below - group has normally a link to it (on some websites also the major group have a link revealing a web page with the below - groups detailed as web page materials)

Shops/companies generally have several categories/sub - groups to show, so usually these left menu allow with several, several links. And also given that these left menu are duplicated in each web page (1) just how could we maintain the quantity of links to a practical number?

Any kind of SEO factors to consider and also pointers are well approved also in your solution (as constantly).

(1) note - I assume these large food selections duplicated in all web pages do not make the internet site much less easy to use I'm speaking about tree food selections similar to this one as an example www . nummus . com these type menu usage additionally Javascript to open nodes and also on each web page they maintain themselves open, so I assume they are really easy to use. In fact I assume the contrary : I can not stand browsing websites that transform the placement or the flow/contents of food selections while I'm browsing. And also you?

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From a UX perspective, one alternative would certainly be to make use of 'mega menus'. They are great at giving a great deal of navigational alternatives in an understandable fashion. Simply take care to of what can go wrong with mega menus

Each huge menu can be filled up making use of Google new 'fragments' syntax if you intend to lower the quantity of links literally existing in the web page itself.

2019-05-17 12:54:11

This isn't the first concern I would certainly bother with for SEO for an e - business website. What is even more pertinent is seeing to it that each web page is one-of-a-kind sufficient from various other web pages that it does not come to be replicate web content. The trouble with the majority of ecommerce websites is that each item web page has really little one-of-a-kind message in contrast to various other web pages making use of the very same layout. Ways to minimize that are to write complete item summaries and also permit customer testimonials (that aren't filled with JavaScript).

Currently, on your inquiry. Once more, this isn't something I 'd actually bother with way too much. Those navigating links serve to the customer. With the correct support message, they are additionally unbelievably valuable for SEO. Actually, I 'd possibly presume that the advantage of having those relate to that support message much surpasses the opportunity of having way too many links. For the majority of ecommerce websites, that is the only means those web pages will certainly be connected to with that said support message due to the fact that ecommerce websites usually aren't connected to really usually on the surface (beyond spam). From a UI viewpoint, if you have a great deal of navigating links, I would certainly advise damaging them up right into smaller sized areas of 5 or 6 links making use of a divider panel or spacing to make them extra conveniently scannable.

If you are actually worried concerning this concern, you can pierce down right into even more information as soon as you select a basic group. As an example, the front web page can show the group 'widgets' in the menu, once you get on the widgets web page, a sublist under the 'widgets' group would certainly detail: 'red widgets', 'blue widgets', 'environment-friendly widgets', etc

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