How can I remove pending downloads in iTunes?

I have an upgrade for the Dexter video game on iPhone which is 400MB in dimension. Given that I do not play this video game any longer, I removed the application. Yet iTunes still desires me to download the upgrade and also informs me I have "1 iTunes Download readily available".

I attempted removing it (time out after that right - click - *delete *), yet the download maintains returning.

Exists a means to completely remove those readily available downloads?

2019-05-13 02:52:36
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Is there a Downloads thing in the Store location of the column on the left side of iTunes? If so after that you can click it, click the delayed download, and also delete it.

Modified to add

There are a number of areas you could examine after giving up iTunes. The first is

/Users/yourUserName/Music/iTunes/Mobile Applications/Downloads/

Make certain it is vacant, and also otherwise, remove what remains in there (set it apart so you can place it back if it perplexes iTunes later on).

The various other area is:

/Users/yourUserName/Music/iTunes/Mobile Applications/

and also seek the documents Dexter.ipa (or DexteGame.ipa or whatever the video game is called). Delete this documents - - it is the real currently - obsolete video game that iTunes is attempting to upgrade.

Or else iTunes has the demand to download it saved in its data source and also does not respect documents.

I take it that accepting the download does not aid?

2019-05-17 04:46:18